Monday, February 19, 2018


OK so it felt like Autumn 2007 for a bit,

What reminded me of 2007 SOOOO Much, is that the DROPS were HUGE, while the little lock steps were just that, so they were goosed into position 5 points at a time so people could BTFD, but when the time came to correct, there was no pussy-footing to be done.

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What people say about DGS

During the period Feb 1/17 to May 31/17, with the assistance of Denali Guide, trading primarily in ETFs using his “Golden Mean” I was able to increase my portfolio by 9.1% over the four month period. In addition I found him to be most helpful and forthcoming about his methodologies and the reasoning behind them.

Dave Delahunty

Harriston, ON June 2017