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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Confused ? - Euro meltdown - ? is it 1914 or 1942 ?

How about the fact that in  1942 it took 38 grams of Gold to equal the Barrons Gold Mining Index, basically the longest continuing running Gold Stock Index I know.  WE are flirting with a 72 year Low, here in 2014, 100 yrs after WWI.

So now we are at about 40 Grams of Gold to Equal this Index now.  A constant like that, is probably the best comparison as otherwise it looks like this:
So you do get it, that it looks like it is way above the lows, but expressed in constant units as Grams of Gold would be, well, (EXPLETIVE DELETED) $#* XX !!  It is spelled BANKRUPT !!  

    Did no one pick up on the fact that this is an attempt to Drive PM producers into Bankruptcy?  Is it? Or is it just "fate"?
    Well around the likes of the Evil One, JPM, the handmaiden of the "Dark Cabal" one wonders.  Who is the Dark Cabal ?  Lets look at two I think are in it thicker than thieves:
John Corizone, formerly of GS, steals Billions from investors and Obama makes it impossible to prosecute him via his crony, Eric Holder.  After all its their loss not ours..............Besides the taxpayers will bail everyone out..........Right?

Lets just look at SOME of the Short Term items already in motion:

SWISS are hard at work ready for their Gold Referendum

2nd Housing Bubble Imploding

QE ending has scared the pants off everyone

CHINA & RUSSIA creating means to bypass U$D

ECB irrelevance revealed as 25+ banks fail stress test

CANADA sets Renumbi trading center to open Nov 2014

US Comically sets Cola at 1.7% when real numbers = 9.4%

INDIA & CHINA establish Asian Infrastructure Bank w/ Arab Oil Emirates on board.

Oh Yes Greek bonds are melting down today and immediately threatening the Euro Scene

You may want to see our strategic ideas translated into tactically savvy moves, which you can do, front running the rest,, sign up now, get the gift that can keep giving your capital security now !

Saturday, October 25, 2014

This feels like a swamp or this feels bat guano crazy

With key sector valuations are completely out of balance in this universe where interest rates are zero and intervened markets. If gold was completely alone in this swamp, with no a paired companion upside hallucinations in fiat-money debt markets, then the case could be made that Gold was screwed up.  Bottom line is unreality permeates all markets on this planet right now.  I don't think you can find one you really like in its present condition.

Nothing rocks my world as much as having investors competing to shovel  cash into bankrupt governments. Greece we know is a serious debt-aholic, and can borrow 10 year money at 6.5%.  How is that for hallucinating ? If equity markets were not bubbled up, why would anyone in their right mind lend Italy or Spain  10 year money under 2.5%.  Basically as I have said time after time is the Tape is Painted, the Books are Cooked and the Money is Queer !

    Lets take a great big jump at reality, lets go get some gold.  At a local coin shop I visit.  Under 1/4 oz, from 1 gram to 1/10 Oz., the per Oz runs about
 U$D 1555 per Oz.   Jump up over 1/4 Oz. including 1/2 Oz and full Oz, Canadian Gold Maples, you are going to pay over U$D 1,400 @ Oz.
Here is the link:

Now whom is hallucinating ?  The KRIMEX players want to sell each other paper contracts for fake delivery gold @1230 @ Oz.  Oh they do that so they can convince you it is the REAL GOLD PRICE !  Quote it all over the world, tell people that it what Gold settled at.......LOL !!     WHAT ?  To me that is the epitome of barnyard fill, horse poop !  Now, you can buy small quantities at those prices, but what happens when you want an industrial amount ?

     Guess who is buying Gold ?  Oh the Swiss WANT their SNB to acquire 20% of their assets in gold

.........HMMM            So who is crazy ?   Oh yes what to do when you wake up and the current gold price gaps 20% on the open ?

  Who is gonna have the guts to wade in and chase it to where?

    Better to have a gun and not need it than need a gun and not have it ?  Could you say that about gold ?  Even Silver ?

    Sign On to PEAK PICKS, there is no risk if we can't help you, no questions asked........... Better to have.........than need to and not.........The difference between the Have's and Have Not's...........Ponder it?

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Worse yet, who do THEY expect to swallow it?

     Damn what a wonderful economy, now all those folks got more time to themselves, since 54% of all new job creation is PART TIME Jobs ! Thanks ya'll, for all that free time.
Maybe I can use it instead of money to figure out how not to be foreclosed and thrown in the street. In the same time frame the US Economy lost 1 Million Full Time Jobs.

     McDonalds, the wunderkind of the retail world can't meet even the most miserable profit guidance. Wonder if that is because the cost of even “pink slime” has gone up 17% this year. Hmphf ! Damned good economy ! Maybe its that good because cause the new jobs created paid an average take-home of 23% less than the jobs that disappeared. Good Work Boyz !!

     Could that be why almost 50 Million Americans are on food assistance? Or why almost 1/3 of new car loans are classified as sub prime ( they DONT pay ZERO (0 %) for their loans.
Maybe before they lost their full time job, they would not have been SubPrime, till now.
Now, refresh my memory, how did that SubPrime thingy work out last time with Housing?
Is this why or a sign that 56% of Americans are considered SUBPRIME Credit ? Maybe it is because Utility costs are far exceeding inflation rates.

     I bet you don't have to think too hard about this one. Only 63% of Civilians in the Job Force, are employed. Bring it home. Anyone you know can only get Part Time ? How many have gotten GOOD jobs recently? Is that why Student Loans have exploded 2.5X times to over a TRILLON Dollars, most of them turning out to be, you guessed it, SUB PRIME.

     Good work Boyz ! Our incomes inflation adjusted have sank back down to where they were in 1995. Bingo ! Now even if inflation across the board came anywhere near the fiction that the FED & BLS put out, at 2.8%, from 1995 to now is 19 yrs. Nineteen years of our income increasing at 1% while inflation is 2.8% or better. Get Serious Folx !!
What the hell kind of explanation about how good we are doing ? Ask yourself, like Joey on “Friends” “HOW YOU DOIN' ?” - The honest answer is Not so good as 1995 ~! What BS!

     If we are doing so good, why is the US Govt borrowing $ 8 TRILLION @ year ?

Is that enuf to pay off the $200 Trillion of Derivatives that the 5 Too Big to Exist, US Banks are liable for? Something stinks !!

And you / we know this ain't right .

Oh yes, your family and mine is in debt to the tune of $ 50K. Sounds like the Indian gold mine. The Indians got the shaft (debt) but not the gold. Wonder who got the gold ? Out of the $2.75 TRILLION debt taken out during by the FED during the last 8 years, again, I know who got the debt, but who got the money?  Lets look.....

Now where is that whacky wabbit ??  Down the Rabbit Hole, of course !!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


  I'v uploaded the actual report from last night onto Google Drive at this link
to be shared by anyone with this link.

  I do NOT say this is THE SIGNAL, where gold runs and never looks back, no, I say this is a directional signal based on my best measure, that indicates we are coming off a base into a rally.

Some say this is a dangerous move making this public, but I work with my measures daily and trust them to tell me what is going on.   So enjoy it for what it is worth, without the drama.

  Here is the first measure, and very straight-forward:
Rallies from this may last a month, or 3 months.   The leg may get crushed after it peaks or it may then correct and leg up.  I don't try to guess at it.  However the Red Arrow in the Box points to my Buy signal.   My subscribers got the advance notice last week.  And they just got this signal as well.
Check out the Report if you wish, we have a number of stocks that have run in the previous rallies with really good prospects, potentially in this starting rally as well.

Often in turbulent times, we find our view obscured.  Like the popular science fiction ? genre Star Trek, I move to shorter and shorter measures to attempt to get a good picture.  Here is a 15 min  Point & Figure chart of the  GDX, allowing for the typical lag in P & F charts.  Its not a guarantee, but rather a structural map of where it could go, based on the foundation that has been laid down.
So the upside POTENTIAL Target is 26, IF we hold 21.  More or less.  So if you want to play, maybe this is a place, or maybe you wish to subscribe, to get some of our favorite stocks.


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Would the Swiss vote on Backing with Gold take us here?

It happened in Argentina, so it could a lot of places



DID HE GET TOO CLOSE TO THE TRUTH?  Is this where connecting the dots leads? 

I repeat this for the benefit of those of who get lost in the thicket of news and conflicting data. It may or may not happen this way, but the way things have shaped up in the last Month, make me think that any day we could awake to this News Release by the FINANCIAL AUTHORITIES as the word of their STEALTH RE-CAPITALIZATION of BANKS with UP-VALUED GOLD TIER 1 ASSETS leaks out :
Considering the talk of Re-Capitalization; the Federal States of Europe, the re-classification of GOLD as a TIER 1 Reserve ASSET, and the rest, this is not too far fetched:

 Oh yes, Bank Runs all over Europe, Spain now BEGGING for a bailout, what is next ?  Maybe this:

  Straight out of a Jim Sinclair scenario, and clearly stated by HarveyOrgan as a possibility?  
   "Today is Monday the 1st, and Gold opened at $ 3,010.24 with Silver opening at $54.21.  Markets are chaotic but the general markets appear stable to stronger led by a huge rally in the Precious Metals complex that started stealthily during the week of Nov 23, but appeared subdued until the eve of the SNB Vote.   Monetary Authorities, as such had mostly "NO COMMENT", except  the WH said all SNAP cards would be working again, despite the SWIFT takedown.    FOREX markets are in chaos as Russia, Germany and China openly dumped Dollars onto markets trying to minimize losses.   Market analysts suggested that large Asian buyers had triggered this move, as the market shuffles Gold around as the markets attempt to substitute Gold shipments for payments formerly made under the SWIFT System.  One trader suggested someone was not waiting for the ABCDE XX deadline, but protecting their assets before the Banks freeze all accounts."

  This is what could happen in Precious Metals Bear markets