Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Terror and Boredom

  Brennan was ripped awake by screams from the Listening post.  Two soldiers out there were overpowered by VC, and now the ambush assault started with his feelings of terror shoved down by the need to act.  Yesterday he was so bored he tried some cocaine to quell the feelings of never ending sameness.

     Maybe 50 yrs later it would be an excursion on Bitcoin.  After all the DJ was just going up 10-20 points a clip, with those pesky dips, and after all, all you had to do was BTFD !   BUT WHAT THE HELL WAS WRONG NOW ?
Dow down 3,300 points in Nine (9) days, and whatever they wanted to call a "recovery" on NO real Volume at all. Could those pesky BTFD dips gotten us so careless we had 15% or more shaved of every stock since Jan 31. Oh yes then we add in the  720+ point last week.  While I do not know what to call it yet but a phrase comes to mind:


     Still bored or now suspecting something more serious may be afoot ?
Does it feel the same as when someone yelled "INCOMING"?  Fear on the loose?
Fear is a good thing if it gets you to DO SOMETHING rather than being frozen
as a "Deer in The Headlights".
     The dense foliage of eigthteen  kinds of news, Alt-Right, Fake News, Drudge
News, Criminal News Network(CNN), etc ad nauseum, hiding those who want to harvest your organs or money as well as the jungle hid the VC.
     Just like boredom led to carelessness for Brennan, it held true you knew as you counted your losses.

     So what have you DONE now that 15% of your value is annhilated, not to be recovered?
     For the last the last 28 years, after the Reagan Administration the investment arena has gotten more and more dangerous.  Note that during the last two Administrations, the govt. agencies responsible for economic health of the USA have depended on the cosmetics of making things look good rather than fix the ills.  And here we are.  Hemmed in with few exits.

        1.  There are exits.  Like everything they have risk, however 
IMO less risk than you now face.
        2.   There is time left to act.  Not a lot but enough for you to get your
act together, and preserve your capital.

The formula is simple.  Acting on it may not be.   Sign up for Golden Mean/
Peak Picks, with no risk and see what  you can do for your family and capital.

What people say about DGS

During the period Feb 1/17 to May 31/17, with the assistance of Denali Guide, trading primarily in ETFs using his “Golden Mean” I was able to increase my portfolio by 9.1% over the four month period. In addition I found him to be most helpful and forthcoming about his methodologies and the reasoning behind them.

Dave Delahunty

Harriston, ON June 2017