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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

IT is far worse than we could have reasonably expected !! RUMORS are usually right.

THE JURY IS   OUT - at the bottom of the barrel but still OUT!
If you accept the premise that the 3 PEP Boyz, Manny, Moe & Jack, otherwise fingered as JPM< ESF and their Boss, US TREAS, have decided upon a paper war of attrition against normal market gold pricing since the USA got its Boss Treas securities downgraded in Aug of 2011, from AAA to AA, then you can see why all normal cyclical behaviour is stunted, and in fact, the BULL Leg that cyclically would come thru for this time period, experiences BEAR MARKET LIKE rallies, sharp as hell but go nowhere.

 Yet with this poorly represented Employment Rate Cycle we see, it is apparent that the path of Gold, if correlated is not down but flat to up, and yet, well you know the drill.............

So here is where we are at:
Admittedly, the combination of timing curves picks out good trades, but the point here, is that the rallies that we buy, take off like a rocket, as if a BEAR MARKET RALLY, correcting a down leg, when in fact, the cyclical timing says this is the correct time for a BULL Leg.   Certainly you should take advantage of this Timing, subscribing, and getting your daily update on our portal, but you should recognize that the Pep Boyz, poster boys as they are for the financially retarded as their behaviour shows, will continue to pour paper on the Gold Fires until the blow back from maneuver endows all of them with 3rd Degree Burns.

Viewing Global developments horizon to horizon, I don't know if this will resolve due to a major Black Swan, or simply by the Death of a Thousand Cuts, but it seems to me, that with interest going up as characterized by all the Bear ETF's for ALL US Treasury Maturities, climbing, it seems dangerous.

 Please by all means, subscribe if you want that kind of timing info above, but if you do nothing else,
take advantage of this great gift and BUY SOME SPECIE METAL for your own personal safety and peace of mind.  It will not always be priced ala FIATNAM, but this is a time to take the gift........IMO.  Peace. DG

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Staring at things does not always clarify them.  After 3 years of abuse from malware etc, yadda, yadda, yadda, my main computer took a couple days off at the Staples Spa for its rejuvenation.  Thus in the intervening time, while "Things" did not change, but perhaps the way I looked at them did.  After sorting three years of Peak Picks, I found myself looking at a formation, suspiciously similar to several I recalled from collating my old copies of Peak Picks.

   Lets leave aside all the things conjectured to move Gold one way or the other, and consider the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee is meeting today and tomorrow, the first since JUNE, and leave that in the forefront of our minds as we view the chart below.

    So click on this as you need to enlarge, and consider

WHO IS ON FIRST ? in its best metaphorical form.

    I think even in the most politest and lilly-white of social gatherings, suggesting that GDX and Gold to a lesser extent, have undergone a BLOODY SLAUGHTER
would be not at all shocking, even with ladies present.

     WHY seems nothing I would guess at because this action I speak about, is completely counter intuitive, cyclically irrational, and not reasonable from any viewpoint I can discern.   You can hear the GoldBugz gnashing their teeth about this and other real and imagined injustices, but yet we are equidistant between the Lows of 2009 and The Straits of Hell.  As much as the currents and rip tides of the larger intervenors and market forces have tried to force GDX and Gold back onto the rocks of the previous cycle lows it has NOT happened, but rather each time, demand for both comes back so strong as to blunt, block and break the assaults however many times they come.

     I'll go back to two serious, pivotal events on the Russian Front when the Nazi's had their plans blunted and broken.  Stalingrad, and Kursk.  Metaphorically I think they apply.  

     Me?  I am lining up my Same Old Usual Suspects of the PM Complex for inclusion in the next move.

    Take a subscription and see where we are, and where we could go..........., and if I have any coupons left, I will throw in a copy of Gary's new book, "GOLD VALUES and GOLD PRICES" even though that promotion is over.

Meanwhile, make sure you got some dry powder........

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

EXPECTATIONS, The Source of Much Human Misery - paraphrased from the Dali Lama

      And here, we want it all resolved on our terms, in our time.  And the market will resolve what IT wants on IT's Schedule............
        NO FEAR need there be on our part.   The "CORRECTION" which is really a Consolidation has an upward bias.  Do you feel like your under "House Arrest"?
SUU KYI was under house arrest for 15 years, which makes this child's play.

    WHY SO ?

Well lets see why we THINK we are disappointed, and see that, IMO, it is that things are not proceeding at the pace we wish.  Does it ever ? Sometimes, sometimes, take heart lads and lassies, those that engage in this skullduggery will pay the price for so doing, on KARMA's timetable, not ours.

   This is why - >

        This the level of Consolidation, and not, IMO, cause for concern.......

                 Get where you feel comfortable, own what you want, know that to break the truth in the PM Complex, that the forces opposing, cannot take it down far enough to break it, without breaking themselves.  Its happening, sit back and watch...........

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Clear away the Smoke & Mirrors, MOPE, Shills & MSN NewsRats and GET THIS PICTURE

            FYI a much clearer view of this is over at  with the accompanying video touching on a lot of things we know in our gut but needed some objective confirmation to feel
validated with this knowledge that you can actually see the "Smart Money" coming in from below to feed off the uninformed selling caused by this "Full-Court Press" that TPTB is doing thru MSM, because they have no other options to use to try to hold back the PM Complex market specifically Gold Stocks, perhaps because they want no competition or "distraction" from the circus of the General Stock Markets.

   For those pre-ordering their FREE e-Book version of Gary Christenson's new book, "GOLD VALUES and GOLD PRICES", with their PEAK PICKS Subscription, we anticipate the e-Vouchers will be available shortly, like next week, we think.  You can check over on Gary's site, and also read around some info as well.

   BOTTOM LINE to go with the above chart>:  Smart Money is eating lunch at the expense of discouraged investors who take the "News" as reality.  In fact, the move in the GDX, like all other PM Complex issues, while not assured, is looking a lot more real than the shill inspired screaming about $800 gold.   Smart Money, IMO is putting its money where its Intell is, and that is, that the pressure on this entire PM Complex is to the upside, not downside.   Lots more info and a Free e-Version of "GOLD VALUE and GOLD PRICES", with a PEAK PICKS subscription, exclusively in addition to the Gold Miner Index Breadth Oscillator, GIMBO, at Denaliguide's Peak Picks subscription.

  In our minds, no mistake about it, GDX and the PM Complex are going to move positively in spite of all opposition.  We will be tracking it for subscribers when it does.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DISTRACTION by the Smoke & Mirrors of MSM shills and News Rats.

Who were there, amongst the down stocks today with the largest $$ inflows?

Well #2 was GDX, remember them ?  Up 20% since their rally started and consolidating WITHOUT a correction.  hmmm.

Now whom else was on that list ?  Well not all Gold Miners for sure, but these were the ones that made the WSJ List for today......... In order of $$ inflow:

GG, NEM, SCCO, ABX, SLV, HL.   Wow, seems the Smart Money under the smokescreen provided by the MSN News Rats, are loading up the truck !!