Friday, April 29, 2016

HEADS UP, its coming at ya right now, yes a Gold Bull Market !!

This is Real Gold.  You can pick it up by Brinks Truck at the Royal Canadian Mint, 225 Sussex Ave, Toronto, ONTARIO, Canada, order it 30 days in advance via the Exchange Tradable Receipt MNT.To,
100 to the ounce, tendered a min of 1K oz.  No paper substitution or fiat cash allowed. 
 Good Delivery = .9999 Gold Bars.   Minted into Gold Maples for an extra charge........ 

   Looks like a 2 1/2 yr uptrend to me.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mr. Nicely Nicely & Mr. NASTI

Apr 7, 2016
Volume & Breadth
Two reliable tools in my kit.

Two things I find RELIABLE are measures of Breadth, and Volume.
NAZ Up Volume (blue solid line) shown has modified with a common TA Math protocol. I include a similar chart for the NYSE.
$NASI, or Mr. Nasti as I call it, is the McClellan Summation Index for the NAZ, (dots), followed by a 6 day simple moving average (red solid line).The volume has fallen away, and the breadth (Mr. Nasti) is a hairs-width away from dropping thru the solid line which is a sell signal. NEXT CHART, NYA

. NYA is the NYSE average, which is the average time, with the other averages being + or (-) some time intervals.

Given that the Standard Timer (NYA) is signaling sell and the NYA has dropped down thru its 8 day exponential moving average which I use for a trip wire, we can see the SPX resisting this due the tremendous support of manipulation it gets. However, before the week is out, In My Opinion, the SELL Signal for the SPX will be executed on these charts as the week draws to a close.
I'd say its OVER this week.

The complete report will be published in this weeks Peak Picks.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Is it time for DUST off, Lieutenant ? Where is that bird........?

Wow, nothing your gladder to see that  a "DUSTOFF Huey".  No guys with more guts than those pilots and aircrew to med-evac  you shell fragged body, half dead and bleeding under a hail of enemy fire you can here hitting the aircraft.
    Will it take as much guts as it took to fly an unarmed bird, into the vortex of hell, to get DUST ?  If you got in early, your no doubt feeling "DUSTED" or "BUSTED".   So far this Gold Rally has been a DUST Buster.
    I wonder if we will find BEAR DUST here ?
 I like this chart.   It says "LOOK AT ME, MOM !" 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Can you See Whale Island from here ?

DEAD Ahead Captain, some ways off yet.......
and why does anyone care, anyway ?
Whale Island lies just over the STRAITS of HELL, you remember that unclosed gap from the ham-handed short paper gold contract that cleaned out the bids floor to rafters like a dust explosion.   Either a rookie or TPTB wanted to make the point Gold was Doomed.  Awww too late isnt it, with NIRP, ZIRP and whom knows whatever the latest Alphabet Frankenstein the Monetary Authorities create.

The STRAITS are located and easily found btwn $HUI 280 and 300. Created by selling enough paper contracts to equal TWO (2) years of Newmont's production, in ONE DAY[1], cleaning out all the bids from ceiling to floorboards.  . Clearly UN-Economic that was a signal from HELL that GOLD was doomed, from, in my opinion, THE POWERS THAT BE [ TPTB ]. We shall see.....   Between 30 & 31 on the GDX, the Straits of HELL Lie in wait for the unwary gap jumper......

  Why this ? Why now? Similar to the $HUI, the GDX Gapped down during the week of Apr 15, 2013. “Someone” decided that needed to be done and it was in resounding fashion, so much so that there is still an unclosed gap btwn HUI 280-300, and GDX 30-31. Why is this important ? We have been below that point for 34 weeks. Weekly charts are pretty strong, and we expect this to fill. It need not fill, it could be JUMPED. IF that were to happen, we would have one of the LARGEST ISLAND BOTTOMS in recent market annals and point to a possibly cataclysmic rise in Gold Miner Shares as the GDX & HUI. IF these averages just wade thru the Straits of Hell rather than jumping it, well that will be good, but not the same.
Lets address the WHY NOW? Point & Figure
charts as below are considered arcane or exotic depending on your vocabulary. I like to use them like a Builders BluePrint for a Work-in-Progress, that is,an architectural framework of sorts that points out likely limits of the current structure, and thus can change with other shifts in structure.
Here we see a potential trend neuter point of about 18.5 on the GDX, and an Upside potential of 34.5, far North of the location of The Straits of HELL. Be they a figment of my imagination or not, they represent to me a significant turning point.
Once bitten, twice shy” describes what happens when a P & F target is missed. BUT “ Three (3) Times, a Charm” is also valid with this method. I will be watching it with great see.......Is this a real BULL MARKET ? Subscribe & Ck it out !!

Thursday, March 3, 2016


The previous post made it hard to compare NUGT with its leading indicator, so I present them in a form that makes more sense, directionally
All the measures here look topped out.

      The next item is our measure 
          "CARTEL~BUSTER !"® which does a good job of leading NUGT. 
      HERE you can see that CARTEL~BUSTER !® led NUGT by about a week.  Fairly consistent, over time.

          Naturally CARTEL~BUSTER ! is widely used in my work as my proprietary Index, and now has inspired the 
Please sign on for more information and our fact sheet, either in the pop-up or the form on the sidebar.
A week's lead time is a valuable thing in this market.