Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday Recap and Update for Gold Silver TA Chatroom ( live & free)

well I give this week an "F" as far as PM's go, since the PM's flopped and wobbled around all week, the HK $Yuan price for delivered gold 
btwn 1330 & 1335 Here you can ck it yourself
So the Canadian $ and Japanese Yen are wobbling as well.
 Main Market-wise I'd say this recovery from that 3,300 Dow Slide is not recovering well across the board as it is in the S & P 1500.  Here are three comparative charts of WLSH wide market, the NYSE and the SP1500:

   The market as a whole has not recovered very much

 Now the NYSE is usually advanced over the WLSH or NAZ, but here it is not really, 

And notably, the NYSE index, fell farther after hitting the celing, and recovered less.        Now lets look at the S & P 1500, which has got a lot of better attention than the rest

Do now here is the best approximation i can get on the S & P 1500 Summation index, using volume as a proxy

and now you see it has hardly recovered at all per volume now look at prices:

  And now the price recovery.   The whole kettle of fish does not add up.

Thats for YOUR info.

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