Friday, September 22, 2017

Reviewing July and August

Autumn has arrived in Eastern Ontario and we're now ready to tackle the trades before us. The following is a short review of July and August.
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       For the Precious Metals / Hard Assets sector, August started off awaiting a potential correction.  For some, there was no correction, for others it was flat, and others also shallow.  We felt good and called it as a BULL ADVANCE, to stay long in the GOLD-SILVER Miner ETFs and the Metal ETFs, plus three excellent PEAK PICKS Recommendations, doing well.

            August like July seemed shot thru with uncertainty, and potential.  The real story was the potential turning into reality, especially in the Copper Sector. Speaking to that, we have a number of successful Recommendations in the Copper Sector. Our Gold-Silver selections are also doing well. Energy is another area that is showing relative strength.

             I want to note that there will be more signals forthcoming this Fall, like there were this Summer, to provide excellent profits for your portfolio.  The Golden Mean Peak-Picks Combo has done a great job, and you can sign up for it on the sidebar.  GOLDEN MEAN – PEAK PICKS continues to monitor the strength in sectors so you can profit.   Good luck.

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What people say about DGS

During the period Feb 1/17 to May 31/17, with the assistance of Denali Guide, trading primarily in ETFs using his “Golden Mean” I was able to increase my portfolio by 9.1% over the four month period. In addition I found him to be most helpful and forthcoming about his methodologies and the reasoning behind them.

Dave Delahunty

Harriston, ON June 2017