Thursday, August 24, 2017

Labor Day Sale

Labor Day $$ SALE $$

This is a pre-Labor Day sale to help get you back into the BLACK.

A regular $97.00 value

One time only!

Time Sensitive

Ends Monday, September 4th

Extended to end of day Wednesday, September 6th!

Want personal attention?  Unsure of how to move forward?  I am here to help.

Limited spaces available.

 GOLDEN MEAN specializes in giving both LONG and SHORT signals in Gold & Silver Miner's Exchange Traded Funds, and the METAL HOLDING ETFS.

1.    I will help you in the Timing for ETF's (long and short) and picking Precious Metals Stocks.
             Plain language BUY and SELL on both Stocks and ETF's. Recommendations weekly.
            2. Providing personal phone  consultations, 30 minutes once a week.
                        Finding how you invest and speculate and answering your questions.
            3. Help you to create measures for YOUR trading style, and format  charts for YOU based on YOUR trading style.
                        Customizing Indicating measures that conform to your style and time frames, and formatting them into easy to use visuals (charts). 

No mumbo jumbo, but specific methods to help you nail down profits

We share the ways and means for YOU to CREATE profits; streamlined, no guessing.

Feel confident selling when YOU are ready to take profits.

Click here 

Still unsure?  Email me  I’m happy to answer any questions.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

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What people say about DGS

During the period Feb 1/17 to May 31/17, with the assistance of Denali Guide, trading primarily in ETFs using his “Golden Mean” I was able to increase my portfolio by 9.1% over the four month period. In addition I found him to be most helpful and forthcoming about his methodologies and the reasoning behind them.

Dave Delahunty

Harriston, ON June 2017