Thursday, March 22, 2018

Well Sports Fans, how about that DEAD CAT Bounce

  Oh did I laugh when I saw the CAT - TODAY !!   Its from
so I had to share that with you.

   So are you ready for 5 more months of up and down?      remember when I think it was Tom McClellan came out about a month ago, with a potential forcast for the DJI and the rest to have serious bust B4 Mar 10, and then a decline in March, so it was the VIX Kerfuffle and today.   OK, that is fine, but the other shoe he dropped was that it was likely to continue that pattern until it hit its annual LO in July.  Catch that Sports Fans.   So the DJI and them will continue to bob up and down in a topping pattern till Aug when it will have played itself out of its downward momentum.
Don't know if it sounds right but it does sound logical. 

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