Wednesday, March 14, 2018


  Who will survive the cuts, the semi's, the finals ?  So where to begin? 

So will the DOW top 26.6 K in any reasonable time frame, say before August?

Or in the other sectors, will we see copper, energy, cannabis, lithium, cobalt, graphite or energy give us a run?   I'd have to say this is rather suspicious, averages running up but NOT topping their All Time Highs.

      So smarts and savvy are no longer optional for those who will make it.

  There could be more dead cats around, but this one bounced like one, so if it quacks like a duck, it likely is.

  The US 30 year bond doesn't look any better.

  Pretty much they both mimic dead felines quite well.

 Here is a longer term chart of DOW Util that could be a leading indicator:
Rolling over is a good possiblity as well as MACD has lost its momentum.

   Ask yourself if this is the LAST BUFFALO.   XLF is the ONLY SPDR sector to come back to a new high.   All the other 8 are down pretty far.

So no matter the sector, or market there are Inverse ETF's you may hedge with.
So far they have been better than options for me in expiration stability.  Not easy to handle but right timing is important.

The RIGHT Option ?  Agile & Aware are two qualities to hang on to.  Add in some boldness.  Those three  about what I use most successfully.

  As market research, I am offering my regular subscription, introductory
HALF, as in 50% off for the first month, so you may examine it, seeing if its to your liking.  Risk Free as always, there is a 100% No-Questions Refund policy in place.  Something pretty hard to find, a GREAT DEAL and PROTECTION.

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