Tuesday, April 25, 2017

J who? JUNG? NugJ, WHO ?

Much ado about nothing. ETF’s, that is.

Here are some  Exchange Traded Funds representing the Gold Miner Stocks contained in the GDX and XGD.To(Canadian) ETF’s, there are double leveraged as to the underlying ETF or Index.  Plenty of volume out there should you decide you want in.     Given all of this, these are representative and unlike the NUGT and JNUG series, are only Double Leveraged, which, has moved fast enuf for me.  Working this kind of trade requires both attention and nerve.HGDto.pngHGUto.pngGDXX.pngGDXS.png

, For those that this is not intense enuf for, there is still AGQ, and ZSL, Double Levered with Silver Metal,  HZU.To and HZD.To, the same in the Canadian Arena, and DGLD, and UGLD, with lots of volume in the METAL GOLD area, again Double Leveraged.   I guess if you must play with an ETF going into a Reverse Split 4::1, you can go with NUGT which is triple leveraged.

I entered a trade today for HGD.To, and closed it an hour and a half later, for  a 6% profit, feeling twitchy about leaving $$ on the table.  

Next, below,you can see the CLOSE of the GDX, a benchmark for many, and you can see it decisively penetrate the Triangle drawn by the Thin Green Lines, to the downside.   Lots of volume today.
Lots of volume, almost 130 Mil, not a record but plenty to represent the panic on-going in the entire sector since the great uncertainty of what may happen in rebalancing the GDX and the carnage in the Junior Golds.

Now go down the the nearest creek or lake and look at the bottom under the water.  Notice that nothing fundamentally has changed since you were last here.  Nothing despite the JNUG supposed fiasco.   What changed for the turkey I hit driving home yesterday, is he, she or it, is dead.  Thats it. The quick and the dead and the enduring.   Given that the turkey had no clue it was going to die, it just took off without looking, in front of my car.  You however, are different.  You know to look.  When you look, know what your looking at, the lake or the creek bottom.   Those items are NOT going to change, whereas the level of water flowing in or over them WILL.    What happens in this market is always a TIDAL change, being repeated over and over again.  You job, whether you are short or long, is to decide when the tide is flooding in or ebbing out.

What does the next SIGNAL LOOK like ?  It will take shape when our Private Indicative Measures entered an Overextended area from which MOVES launch, up or down.   We are transitioning into such an area now.
Subscribers will know when we launch our move.  Subscribe and move with us.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Gold UP 1296 US, OOPS gold Down 1274, Oh Crude Up, Oh NO, Crude down

Not always a straight line !!
Do you have one of these ?
A CITI for Two Tails or Three Blind Mice?

   Well CITI might be a player but the Mice are represented pretty clearly.

Mouse #1,   ETF JNUG, VanEck GDXJ fund.   Gets cheese from;

Mouse #2, Miners in the GDXJ, past, present, and future, provide Cheese;

Mouse #3, Spot Gold price(the Cheese, here), driving price of Cheese.

All of which get their tails cut off by the Farmer’s Wife who manipulates the Gold Price and hence the price of the CHEESE.  They own the dairy.

Simply put, there is a not enough Cheese to go around.  Imagine for a moment, Montgomery Gentry’s  song “Daddy Won’t Sell the Farm”,  
see in your mind’s eye the run down dairy farm outside a major metro area such as the Boston to Washington Metroplex. Never ever in Ma & Pa’s wildest dreams will they supply cheese to this MetroPlex. Not even 1%   Soooo,
What we have here
“...is a failure to communicate…”, the reality that Gold Equities are less than 0.15 % of the assets in just pension funds alone in the US.
JUST PENSION FUNDS !! Not even Investment Funds !!
Let that sink in. LESS than 1/7th of 1 % ! !  I’ll let Kevin Muir of The Macro Tourist’s Blog recent article help you digest that at his blog,

There is not enough cheese to go around even if it’s ground into little teeny tiny crumbs like Parmesan !!!

So if we take a scientific wild-assed-guess (SWAG), we do “back of the envelope”  math and figure there is about 23 grams of gold per person on the planet.  Check and see if you have yours.  No ? Ok then who has it ?  Very close to home and  you find out that sovereign entities have most of it under their legal control.   Now sad to say that includes both the ECB and the IMF.  But they are the tip of the iceberg.  In no particular order, Gold is held by Austria, China, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, England(UK), Germany, India, France, USA, and Taiwan, in the name of their country(people).  But it all seems stuck in national treasuries, not part of the tangible wealth of their populations.   Only China and Turkey have encourage long term acquisition of Gold by the common people, and Turkey is suspect of considering calling all it can, into the national treasury.

Who has physical gold under their control?  Not The People, but rather the governments.   Who has control of the governments?  THEY control the GOLD, and are making sure it is NOT distributed amongst the populations of those countries.
Thus obtaining the Gold by exchanging it for fiat paper notes, and digital debt promises, those controlling the Govts, have managed to obtain the lion’s share of the physical gold and keep accumulating more.
As long as you play ball with the members of this club, you can keep your gold, but don’t do what Libya did and distribute it to your population and base a trade system on it.  That would disrupt the flow of gold into said govts, in trade for paper fiat notes and digital debt promises.  
That a No-No.  Big No-No, backed up by bullets and bombs.

Pretty easy to see why the Farmer and his Wife, the Bullion Bankers work with stealth, and determination to flim-flam the markets out of the physical gold by manipulating the physical price with paper contracts as long as they can.  Indeed one day, physical may rule, but only after we de-throne the Paper (Moon) trade(con-game).

Conclusion:  (at least mine)   The GDXJ dislocation and kerfuffle comes about because:  
   A/  People want a stake in Gold and Gold Equities;
B/ Manipulated prices for PHYSICAL Gold make it impossible for fair distribution for physical,  considering the propaganda war on gold, and
C/  Manipulated Gold prices make it impossible for enough companies to survive to supply the ETF’s with the stock needed to supply demand for the ETF shares.
Simple as A, B, C.  Follow the crumbs down the Yellow Brick Road, maybe you’ll find some cheese.   For a “Cheese-Detector” Sign UP !!

Good luck cheese hunting.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Deception, Betrayal, Redemption, at the hands of Seeking Alpha, by GOLD.

Does it seem duplicity rules the world ? There is payback, and its getting closer.

Well, lets see, back in 2013, there was the TAX DAY MASSACRE.  Wow, does 4 yrs make enuf difference in cycles manifestation to turn that huge debacle, where some bright person smashed Gold and all its derivatives so low, that it's formed an island bottom?   

   I have written a fair bit about the STRAITS of HELL, and if the GDX should gap over it, it would leave a 4 yr wide Island Bottom.  Starting at 27, going to 28 and spiking to 31, and bashed back down.  So if it rises over the GAP, there may be an unprecedented Island Bottom 4 yrs wide.  Even failing to gap but just moving above 31 to say, would give a bottom band of 28 to 31, which would have an extremely strong base.

  It really doesn't matter, because even if it's not an ISLAND, the upside Structural Potential for the GDX target, exceeds its old high by a decisive margin, and that alone does NOT say it wont go higher during that run or in subsequent days, weeks or months.

Not at all of this has to come to pass.  But I am betting at least some of it will, not by wishful thinking but rather by the simple fundamentals and the math that reflects what is going on underneath the surface and behind the curtain.  You can’t see their idea, but  you can follow their tracks and measure their weights, so there is physical evidence in addition to the tangible clues.

Such as it is, I don’t know what is happening underneath but I do know that the YEN is turning up today for a leg, in the 3rd time in 2017.  It may not be a predictor, but it's a good tracker.

So you can look at the Lime Green arrow and ask yourself why CEF is getting the upper hand over Junk Paper, and has been since the beginning of the year just like the YEN.CEFvJNK.png  So while not much more need to be said to illustrate SOMEThing is happening, you need not fly blind.  SIGN up for The GOLDEN MEAN and be in the loop, WHEN something happens !!!  

  There is no shame being behind the curve, but there is no honor in staying there if there is a way out.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Its Brutal, Its Harsh and its True; another JNUG, NUGT signals goes by

March 10, 2017, the Golden MEAN crossed the 50 yard line on the Top panel  also showing HGU.To, the Canadian 2X Bull Gold Miner ETF.  The Bottom Panel shows JNUG prices in addition to the supporting measure.   Basically this has left us on the 30 yard line with the ball still in our possession with a First Down and 10 yards to go.
   Thanks to Mr. Trump  we scored a Touchdown but has it called back for Offensive Pass Interference (Misslie Attack).  The odds of whether we will score again, are those in a typical Vince Lombardi Ball Control Ground Game.
What we don't have is any reversal.  The Gold Miners don't show it.   Those who watch the KRIMEX KOMIX seem quite concerned about a reversal, me not as yet.

     So here you realize that every dollar of profit you make on NUGT, JNUG, DUST, and JDST, is a dollar you take away from the Banksters.  Its one less dollar they can use to screw  you with.

   So the operative question is:  Must those how missed the LONG Buy Signal of March 10 miss the next signal?  Be it a SELL / Inverse Signal to BUY DUST or other ?   If you are going to beat the Banksters at their own game and play it both ways as they do,  well you can with The Golden MEAN providing your signals.   To simplify, if you do well, so do I.  If you lose, so do I.  For me its NOT about skin in the game.  Every signal I give with The Golden MEAN puts me and everything Denaliguide on the line.   You know there is a 30 Day No Questions REFUND Policy on the first month of EVERY new subscription. 
What risk is it to see if I can do what I say I can.   NONE.    I decided a long time ago to protect myself and loved ones from the ravages of the 
Bullion Banksters.  You have the chance to do the same........Sign up.    

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What the next JNUG / GOLDEN MEAN Signal may look like

Let's look at the potential of the next JNUG signal by the Golden Mean.   It will be when the GDX breaks out above its non-symmetrical triangle where it is stuck.   It will also be when The Cartel~Buster confirms the price breakout with a Breadth X Volume breakout either in advance or coincident with The Golden Mean, moving through its consolidation into a breakout into posture.
  This is what that might look like in terms of the CARTEL~BUSTER !’s profile.CBsignal4.3.2017 - Edited.png

It seems pretty clear that CARTEL~BUSTER ! had made a decisive move to break out of the trading range it was stuck in before it could render a signal.  Two moving averages are either breached or have CARTEL~BUSTER ! riding above it, the lower one, a stabilized version that adapts to volatility and the dotted one, a favorite “trip-wire” of mine.
     When this signal happens, you may decide to pick up one of the GDX style ETF’s or its leveraged derivatives such as NUGT, or JNUG or many of the others from which to choose.
The choice will be yours if you are in position to get the Signals when they come through.
Subscribe now, so as not be caught trying to push off your back foot and play catch up when the move is halfway through its trajectory.   Two safeguards apply here,  one that THE GOLDEN MEAN has a No-Questions refund policy during the first 30 days, upon your request, that being safeguard #1.  Safeguard #2 is  your common sense.  You can watch how The Golden Mean performs during the 1st 30 days BEFORE you commit funds, using the patience and discipline you have acquired as an investor, which no doubt has served you well.   In clarity, you can then assess where you stand BEFORE you commit funds to the trade, BECAUSE, the moves in these indexes are “tidal”.  They repeat, do not duplicate, but alternate from high to low, to high, etc, ad infinitum.   We do NOT have to guess at these cycles but rather track their progress, and with the trip certain “gates” or “tripwires”, we know conditions are met to buy or sell.   That is the beauty of The Golden Mean,  Please consider checking it out by subscribing today to take advantage of the No-Questions refund during the 1st 30 days, and figure out if you can make money and how much using THE GOLDEN MEAN.   Have a great day.  DG

Monday, April 3, 2017


The why behind SLIPPERY SLOPES was logical, for I was looking for specific qualities I needed in my tracking measures.   Reasonably smooth trackable trajectories make it possible to use tracking to determine the relative position of that trajectory.  As to telling the qualitative value of the positions, recursive measures come into play.   When a quantity such as in a given sector of markets, say Auto’s or Computer Hardware.    Rather than deal with a sector that gives constantly erratic or jumbled results, I seek to find those “relatively” smooth  trajectories or trajectories that can be smoothed into graphic  trends visually translate into trends you can identify.
    The image below shows graphically the fall in this ETF that started in early February, and bottomed a month later in early March, with a subsequent rise into the end of the month.   While quite volatile, the lines of moving averages of qualitative measurements provide good signals and some advance warning, allow profit set up to be put in place.JRpromo - Edited.png
I track these qualitative indicators and use them in decision making as to WHEN to capture certain ETF’s in the age old BUY LOW, SELL HIGH patterns.    What is now unique, is that the underlying resource need not be moving only up, but with inverse ETF’s can also move down and create profits.  A BULL market is not a necessity,  but moving markets are.  BEAR Markets create just as much in the way of profit potentials.
    Thus with several underlying Resource items in the sector, you need not wait “until everything is right in XYZ Commodity”, but rather find a commodity that can have a trend reversal pending.  Does not matter up or down, nor the specific resources, as long as the price moves.   
How profitable this may be for you I do not know.   I do know, I “feel” less risk when I operate like this, than say, buying Rupert Resources, RUP.V, awaiting new developments on its mine in Finland.
I can get a handle on the risks here, working with Bull and Bear ETF’s,  the conditions in Finland’s mining sector which I have very little “feel”.   Do I not buy RUP.V ?  No it means I only go LONG RUP.V, when my qualitative indexes for ETF’s bottom out.   That is why I pair PEAK PICKS with THE GOLDEN MEAN, and SLIPPERY SLOPES.  When the respective ETF’s for Gold and Energy bottom, only the do I go LONG, the stocks we pick in PEAK PICKS in those two sectors.   Too simple ?  Yes it is TOO SIMPLE, and after a lot of work, I am working in the TOO SIMPLE Arena.
I like it.
    Perhaps you’d like to try TOO SIMPLE too.   Its simple, but not easy.  Waiting is the hardest part.  Patience and discipline are the two required assets in working TOO SIMPLE.   TOO SIMPLE was hard to develop, and easy to trade, but hard to develop the nerve and discipline.  
Try Peak Picks, The Golden Mean, Slippery Slopes with no subscription cost risk, the first 30 days with a “No-Questions” refund policy.  Easy enough, almost too simple.  Do that and I promise I will try to find a better name for it !  Hope you have a dynamite day !!!  DG