Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What is a correction? How corrections manifest.

Going from now into Mid June, I thought this is what an Inverse Head and Shoulders, formed up in the GDX might take shape like.   It is like watching clouds and trying to guess what shapes they will form as they morph along.

     If we insist on doing things the OLD WAY, rather than Olde Schoole, well then we run the risk of being outrun by those we are up against. 

   Pictured are a few of the ways I look for hints and clues that Corrections are happening without them coming out and telling us they are:
Here we see the Assets in the PRECIOUS METALS sector declining after a good long run from the beginning of 2016.   That strikes me as a correction.

   So the dumb thing you DON'T say is "Its easy if you know how."
Here is my crayon overlay of the Volume, which once you have the other clues in place, gives you a better look at how Corrections can show up and yet fool us

     So here are two pictures of how Corrections have developed that were called for but no one seems to have seen them as they came and went.  Using CARTEL~BUSTER !, and some of my other hints and clues gives us a leg up on timing when the Corrections are actually happening and how far they are going.

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