Thursday, January 21, 2016



LAST time we got a very nice signal, say Nov 5-9th, we spent about 5 or 6 market sessions in limbo before the GDX (dashed gold line) price responded fully, although individual stocks responded, some faster (AEM), some slower (AUY).
Today provisional signal is not really any different. Each panel on this chart of my proprietary measure “CARTEL~BUSTER® !, contains its own Tripwire Zones, for buying and selling. Either or both works well. Thus the bottom panel is a bit faster for shorter trades.

What will clinch it for me is how the trend turns, based on the BlueBars in the MACD Histogram (FREE CHARTS @ STOCKCHARTS)-(plug in any SYMBOL) to get a look at the bars. Daily is good, intraday tells you what time the tide is turning from Ebb Tide to Flood Tide. .
Lacking the powers of Harry Houdini, or a reliable crystal ball, I will not say how big or how long this move might be. Given the wet blanket that gets thrown over GoldBugz, who would want to say. My take is we are a tradeable bottom that will manifest itself in the next 5-10 days and could become a trading opportunity. Sign up for ASAP UPDATES & ALERTS

Friday, January 15, 2016

Don't ya want to SHORT this market like crazy/?

And get the snot knocked out us in the process?  Admittedly, the DJIA has made it's way into the 15's.   The real question is, how long before THEY decide the DOW must be back in the 17's?  I don't think they can make it happen.  Rather I think they will pump like madmen aboard a sinking ship, using MLK Day as a smokescreen, resting the market, and then a burst to 16 + some change, and then let it burn out.  That said, I have about a dozen stocks I like for shorting waiting their turn.  ETF's are good too, however, when you know its a Con Game, you got to know the game better than the CONS.  The problem with Invert ETFs is leverage, so you hold ONLY single leverage units, AND beware their may be a liquidity problem, so always be ready to exit like the wind.  Be sensitive and aware.   For that reason, some individual stocks may not experience the same thing to the same extent, hence my pick of a dozen of them.  Get them in our SHORT REPORT by signing up on our ASAP ALERT LIST.
   The bottom line can be, in a BEAR MARKET most everything is a short.
That which is not, is likey a Precious Metals stock.  We have Reco's for them.   Sign up for the RECAP REPORT and get the PRECIOUS METALS STOCKS RECO's with it.  RECAP REPORT $10/mo.  Click on the link in your Next Email from your signup.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Three letters:: GSR. 3 words: Et Tu Brute ? GSR Profit Assassin ?

Betrayed by a beloved myth of the GoldBugz community, the Gold Silver Ratio!

Seem like lawyers, gunz and money are needed to survive the scum and villany found in the markets of the Precious Metals Complex.  Now we learn the GSR has been selling us down the river as well, as tool used to subject us to the punishment of our capital resources.
There seems to be no reliable correlation btwn the movement of a Gold Stock Index and the GSR.
     This give credibility to the thought that is no force compelling any third measure has to respond in such and such a manner to another set of measures in Ratio.  Hence, whilst the GSR can vary to extremes to the up and downside of the Mean, there is no force compelling either Silver or Gold to react in a pre-conceived pattern, despite all the pumping to the contrary.
A case can be made for Mean Reversion, often accompanied by claims of substantial profits if, as and when Mean Reversion occurs. 
     Lets look a half of the previous chart:
 Nothing is any clearer.  There are times where the correlation exists in positive mode, and others that are not clear at all.   Were any of us to risk our capital on this GSR, our chances of profit would be random at best.   Were we to be Ultra Long holders, we would be stopped out virutually every time.

     What about the GSR could help us profit from movements in the Precious Metals Complex ?
   Now if your alert you see at the earliest point in the chart of the TWO RCM ETR's, Gold and Silver, that a BLUE trendline alerts you to a point where the ETF, GDX goes from Decline to Consolidation.   We see the Three Red Lines outline the Consolidation of this GSR, and when it breaks out upwards, the GDX has resumed it's decline.  In fact when this GSR gaps over the top black dotted trendline, the decline of GDX is in full swing.   These are three examples of how to use the GSR, in the issue of discovering "Trend Change".
However if you did not profit from any of those examples, GSR may be a Profit Assassin for your method of trading, unreliable at the very least, and downright dangerous when used as a sole timing guide.
    So what can you do?  My take is to use GSR as a secondary validation tool, not a primary timing or trend change measure.   Nothing "HAS" to force prices in any particular direction, especially in intervened markets.
    From what I see, the indiscriminate use of GSR exposes Gold Bug investors to uncessary risks, of holding Precious Metals Complex stocks when not justified by trends, changes or volume dynamics.  In addition to a number of GSR's I calculate, they are used in combo with at least 4 other measures before I call a Trend Modification, pause or change.   You can access the alerts of these changes by signing up on our alert list or subscribing to 
The RECAP Report or PEAK PICKS.   My ASAP ALERTS list is free of charge.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

THE MARKET = Two Charts. GOLD = Two Words

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   THANKS  DG       As you build a model of the trend  you want to find in a Sector or stock that has a position you can act upon, figuring its trajectory.  Iff with "A Stock" but often works well in a sector.

Compare the left chart, GIMBO with the RIGHT hand chart, DIMBO.   If we are constructing a model of a chart of a stock or sector we want to buy into, which one typifies the best
situation that can be there for us :  Bottoming, ready to move up, LEFT HAND SIDE,  or
CRESTING or ROLLING OVER with no decisive trend outlined.  
    The LEFT hand chart represents Gold Miners and Precious Metals Derivatives.  The RIGHT Hand chart represents the Dow Industrials.   While there has been a lot of fireworks in  the Industrial Sector,  The Precious Metals Complex has been hated for quite some time, starting around 2012, and basically forgotten or villified, in that Gold=Pet Rock, etc, and yet during these horrendous declines in the Industrials, the Golds hold their value or go up.
     The OPERATIVE FACT to be grasped here, is that broad BREADTH Measurements, tend to PRECEDE movements in PRICE.  Volume often has this function as well, but when Volume measurements are compromised, BREADTH Data often maintains its integrity.

   To me, who uses both Volume and Breadth Data to "Reckon" or determine a stock or sectors Position, i.e.  is it high or low, in-trend etc, it means that the price will shift and to resolve any differences in direction, and begin to move, most often in the direction of the 
       WHY BREADTH ?   Because Volume can be made to lie, to be  untrue depending on whom is doing what.  BREADTH on the other hand, is a bit harder to manipulate when it covers a whole sector from perhaps 100 to 400 stocks, and tracking their movements over time.  My exprience shows me it is far harder to push so many stocks in the right direction at the same time, than to say, affect price in the last 15 minutes of a trading day, for example.  




but would you really know it, if you watched KRIMEX KRAZY KUOTES

    Look at what the Dominant Mediai is showing 


Given there is a currency difference, even after adjustment of either, 
it makes no difference in their RESPECTIVE DIRECTIONS.
WHY The Difference ? 

The Bottom chart delivers Paper instead of gold when it wishes. 
Ask yourself which you prefer.
Chart MNT.To represents 1/100 of a Troy oz of gold, price in Canadian Dollars, delivered at the Royal Canadian Mint, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to your
 acccount, usually accompanied by a Brinks truck.

The Chart of $GOLD represents the price of a troy oz of gold if it were delivered into your account at a brokerage firm as a credit to your account.
About 4% of the contracts in gold are settled in metal at the Exchanges option.  Should metal not be available, the customer is obligated to accept an appropriate credit in the currency of exchange.   See the difference? 

Enuf already, you got the idea.    Check our subscription offer specials this month !!