Thursday, October 1, 2015

NAZZ not so Snazzy>! Is GOOG eating an AAPL?

I am not sure whom is third amongst the big 3 caps on the NAZZ but those two are and it looks like a back alley dogfight.   Worse than that, the NAZZ 100, the OEX has been copying the Acapulco Cliff Divers, leading off with a fantastic swanning leap off the Breadth cliff back at the beginning of the year, that price followed like lemmings six (6) months after.      Any look at the MACD shows you where it continues to go..... of course leading price, so it does not look to me as if this group will lead us out of this thicket any time soon.

Instead of a speedo, here is a look at the weekly perspective complete with 30 week moving averages.
These pix make me feel like they do not need a lot of interpretation.
Seems they are NOT a buy signal.!.!


As the GDX price and volume bobble about, CARTEL~BUSTER resists declining below ZERO so, Until further notice,  all previous signals are still in effect.