Friday, August 28, 2015

DOW - Short term Stock market, where ? NOW ?

No doubt you detest being knocked about by the TALKING HEADS, and other asst'd Spewers out there.   Here is the  straight scoop on where The MARKET is NOW, and has been.  I do not try to predict.  You can, because it is PLAIN to see.   TAKE a LOOK.    
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NO NEED TO GUESS HERE !!    This is going DOWN.

 It makes lots of sense, that when having dropped over 3,000 from its All Time High last year, only to Re-bound, 1,000, it is the 16's, about one third up as far as it could possibly rebound .  Weak as the Momentum is, it seems a very typical SICK-CAT bounce since, In My Opinion, the ESF, (Emergency Stabilization Fund(Treas. Dept)), thru their agent,  JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs, is buying up stock futures Contracts to boost or hold the marke up ( all perfectly legal )(legal theft in my opinion).  All will be futile as Gravity never sleeps, but all the algos and all the Kings men, will never make the market whole again .
      So for the market to wander and meander down and around, would be typical of Boosting against Gravity(guess who wil win ?).  I think you can guess where it might go from here.  Subscribe and get some PEAK PICKS.
Maybe one like this ?
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A look at where we are now

Now to add some depth of understanding to where the Dow stands now, lets look at a historical view of the DOW Breadth Compilation.
 Given that it will take a minimum of 2K to climb back to the 10 WK MA and more to get to the 40 WMA, after being -800 so far this week and -900 last week, go figure.  Gravity will bring any re-pump attempt back to base.
GRAVITY NEVER SLEEPS.   I continue to like XXX and YYY here.  I say the Trend is established (DOWN) as the Die(s) are cast.   The last time the MACD had a crazy slope as it does is in the beginning of this chart when the pumping started in earnest, to the upside.  Funny how things turn around.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

DJIA -530, NAZZ -170, The BEGINNING, not the end, Wanna see where its going, View DIMBO

It does not get any clearer.  The FED created the mess by replacing the stalwart members of the with Compliant sympathizers who approved the 
MARK TO MODEL Rule to replace the MARK TO MARKET Rule and
 this is the result.

   DIMBO is pointing to this as the beginning of the decline, not the end, and this chart doesnt even reach back to 2009, so you figure out where its going to end.
NOT SOON, in my opinion.  Suze (cutsie name) ORMOND and JIM CRAMER can while all they want.  Suze (cutsie) can afford to take a year off ( Nice, can you?), and Jim doesnt sleep in his car anymore, but might in the future, all whining for the FED to rescue them from what the FED did in 2008 to the FASB.

Guess they all have to sleep in the Bed the Fed Made.    GOT GOLD ? 

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Gimbo, and Cartel~Buster ! are saying, you can acess them

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It has changed a bit since Aug 17, as well as CARTEL~BUSTER !.  Here is   the weekly CARTEL~BUSTER  
Updates on both GIMBO and CARTEL BUSTER (daily) in Member area.   Last weeks PEAK PICK's had a couple interesting Juniors that repeat this week.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

AUG 17, Gold Miner Shares Short Term Outlook

      This is GIMBO a recursive breadth oscillator that can be very flashy.

  It bounces btwn -100 and + 100 sometimes indecisive, but most times 

  moving from Bottom to Top, to Bottom, to Top, ad infinitum, or forever.

  Restless like caribou, it hardly ever stops moving.

     What does it tell you?  Well in Overextension, it often shows where you 

 not BUY or not SELL.    So in the RED Zone you don't buy.  IN the GREEN Zone 

  dont SELL.  Those are located in in the most optimistic or pessimistic times.

Right now, its a NO BUY.   Mr. Gimbo can stay in these Zones 10 days at a time 

that I know of.  Mr. Gimbo is a very sensitive guy, and he can tell how GOLDY, 

 that is GDX or RING is feeling about 2 weeks in advance so he often moves that

 much ahead of them.   You can get GIMBO readings in PEAK PICS by 

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Here Comes CARTEL~BUSTER again !!

This started moving 2 weeks ago in response to WAR, Currency War and Oil War, and it moves usually a week or two in advance of the Gold price and the GDX price.

  Indeed you can find them on my Public Charts list on StockCharts by following this link.  It is updated daily automatically there. 

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