Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Here are Some of the Elements in the CONFIRMED PM Long Signal

More or less its been one long signal since April 2nd, but has unfolded very nicely, and also has had a number of validating measures achieve their necessary levels.
Basically we drew this chart in MARCH, and drew in the Blue SRL's ( Speed Resistance Lines, which represent rates of Climb or Decline).  The "Clouds track where the price has been,  (and project it forward 52 days, indicating the "Market" has it's own memory).
             Thus I was able to draw a Support Zone Box, and project some Dates, which were START and STOP dates for the GDX to exit the box.   I use GDX because it is an ETF under the control of its MANAGERS (for profit) rather than an average, I think it gives us a more independent picture.

     That is NOT about STARTING a BUY signal but it is about tracking how tough GDX held up, while all the rest of the Industrial stocks were going to Hell in a HandBasket.   This does not touch on the Volume Dynamics that are so important to catching the Signal.  However, we can follow the money !!

    This represents the way the tides of funds go in and out of the RYDEX Precious Metals funds, so is a proxy for the Flow of Funds into the PM Complex.  It is now Low Tide and the Tide is turning from Ebb to Flood.

Now the tide coming in is good, but how high is the tide going to go on the next Flood Tide in?  I don't really know cause I don't pretend to predict, but it seems as thought over the same period as the above chart, the cumulative $$ value of the PM COMPLEX stuff held by RYDEX is methodically increasing.

  IMO, no reason to be labor the point, as these are not my critical measures, like GIMBO, but as we update we post some new stuff. !!

Good luck.

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If your feeling Blue, here is a post that will spike your blood pressure, a retread from Dec 1, 2013

Not only does this guy have them NAILED, it brings up a very humorous point


 He addresses a vital point, in the article "MONEYCHANGERS" - simply,
 TOO MUCH MONEY IS GOING INTO SAVINGS.   I know you'd like to know who,what, why, how, when and where, because from where I sit, I know its NOT HAPPENING to me - is it happening to you ?  NO ? Well then, WHAT is going ON ?

     Here is what I have figured out from what I found out:  


What money you say ?  I say, remember when you earned a living wage ?
Remember when you didn't need a home equity loan to have a boat and could
pay for things outright.  THAT MONEY !  The money that you got when, after WWII there was a social compact agreed upon that after winning the BIG ONE,  the working class could enjoy a bit of respite, whilst the LEISURE CLASS took their foot of the windpipe of the WORKING CLASS ?  Sadly I had an early look, at it coming to an end about 20+ years ago, reading a radical rag outlining just this premise.    Yeah, we didn't notice too much at the time, like a frog in a pot being slowly boiled by raising the temp 1 deg F per hour ........ and now we are boiled.......

      Remember when  you had equity in your home unreduced by the Home Equity Line of Credit......?  Remember when we had employment where we made things, not cleaned them?   Yep, that money.....gained in a double whammy by off-shoring our jobs, and reducing our employment classification from manufacturing, to service sector ?  Yep that money.  Oh yeah remember when you did not HAVE to have a CELL FONE ?  Oh its not mandatory you say?  Try not having one.......how much was  your entertainment and telecom bill last month ?  Yeah, That Money !.How about when your kid(s) and or grand kids come home to consolidate their bills and living quarters, under your roof or in your rental property, because 3 student loans and 2 degrees still have not produced a liveable income for them.  Yes Student Loans.  YEAH THAT MONEY !!
      Now give credit where credit is due.  All the changes were gradual, and all could be rationalized, at the time, even if it carried a 19.9% Interest rate or for those SPECIAL of us, a 29.9% rate.  No pressure, just yearning for a better life - did we fail at our due dilgence?  Maybe, but we got "F" for gullibility.!!

      For damn sure, the SUPER RICH are saving too damned much money.
The Velocity of Money has gone through the floor.  Is that because the 99% are spending too little money?  Or is it because we have too little to spend......?
Lets figure this money is in deep, deep pockets from which it NEVER emerges until our homes and farms and businesses are on the block of forclosure at 2% on the Dollar ( another joke, the corruption of the term MONEY ).
       So if we track the Velocity of the money of the 99%, it's like an F-16 on AfterBurner, and for the 1%, it might as well be a snail.    
    The old saying is that money like manure is no good in one big pile, to really work it has to be spread around.     Sitting in large piles in corporate treasuries and Bank Balance sheets, they don't have to earn anything but a positive return to be of value, and that could be as low as 0.1%.  Beings that they get the money gratis from the FED, its all gravy.  NO you and I in the 1% don't get gravy.  What we are getting now makes the daily ration of fish heads and rice water in an Asian POW Camp look like a 9 course buffet.  We get "Debt-Script" or SlaveMoney which essentially can only be spent at the Company Store.  
We DON'T get money (MONEY)(Wiki Money).   We get transactional currency, Debt-Script, which always has a counter-party paying us something in a price ratio, but no fixed value.  Dear me, do NOT bring up GOLD/SILVER unless you want to be harangued all nite till the liver is scared out of you about them.
   Apparently our part in all this as per the 1% is to work willingly and cooperatively in this system to attain their approval and "Attaboys", keeping calm and carrying on so they can claw back all the peasants managed to filch from the estate without their prior approval.

   Now friends, don't get me wrong.  I am not bitter.  I have made my million, and spent it, (well almost made a million but spent more), and have a happy life.  I just wonder when people like Summers and Geither will be laughed off the public stage telling us WE ARE SAVING TOO MUCH MONEY.
    I just wonder when people will tell governments to piss off, that the Govt does not need to know who our friends are that we play Candy Crush with,  and when said Govt's are going to UnFriend the Saudis for playing Double Agent in 9/11 against us.
   I am wondering when Governmental Double Speak, about Hope for the future, is squared up with Borrowing everyone's future, and bringing the lunacy of this "Apocalypse NOW" war machine back to normal scale.
   I am wondering when Vox Populi will realize that CHINA is not the biggest enemy of the WEST, but rather as Pogo once said, "We have met the enemy and he is US", he is the 1% that would sell us out for Vutton, Chanel, on their wrists, feet and hands........  As MA said, glad I am mortal......LOL.