Monday, August 19, 2013

POWER SURGE - GDM Update 24%->38%->55% Now 55% of the GDM stocks are

In btwn the red & blue circles is the daily dot for 38%.  Quite the feat of power,
but hardly surprising as long as its been out there an coming on.  As you would expect the Conventional Wisdom, counter-intuitive as it is, is calling for caution in the face of this advance.  IMO the power and speed of this advance suggests a Flat Correction in this situation, with a rip-roaring counter attack by the end of the week.  STOPS ARE advised but caution is not, as Caesarian Tactical Ops would suggest being immediately ready to advance.

  Now should we get some reaction, I'd look for HUI 260, GDX 28, GDM 750, and SIL 14 to be the the STOP points.  I use a lot of indexes as this keeps the field open as PAINTING to "Run the Stops", is the tactic used to stampede investors out of good position before the reversal happens.

Now we ask ourselves where could it go from here?  This is my idea of where, since the moment I have been able to dial in an upside target.  Note that coming anywhere near this target, BREAKS the RED Downtrend line, which is good info to have.  If we get near the target, my next expectation would be some sort of break or correction ( May be the Gen'l Market undergoes an '87 like correction), and then another upleg for the PM Complex after a consolidation or regrouping.  Here is that chart:
Again, no rocket science Just observations............

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  Good Luck ya'll