Monday, April 9, 2012

Un-Natural ? Wow, you dont have to guess which one of the stocks from

that chart just kicked up.  Sign up on the BLUE BLOCK at the the right and I will send you that chart in the 3 PART CHART FORMAT.     THATS THE GOOD NEWS . LOL

Now for the REST of the NEWS...........

Now lets see.  Everything was fun and games as long as we go the Good Jobs reports.  Now that we are getting the BAD Jobs reports, notice how suddenly Iran and North Korea's self abuse have become MAINstreamMedia (MSM) Next Big Thing.   Now it is time for everyone to become scared and adrenalized and fear for their safety as the FED and ECB cook the books and get Spain, Greece and a few others including US ready for their next big shot of Cocaine (QE to the Nth, in disguise).  Truly disgusting play but that is how they work the Dominant Social Themes like a pair of foxes stretching a polecat btwn them.  However as you see from the Two little Volume charts here, the 1% or 2% or the ROW smart enuf to know, have been stealthily fleeing the NYSE and NAZ under cover of the Road to Hell, rising prices, falling volume under the goosed and juiced pumping of the FED.