Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Rubicon, of sorts

    Love Fridays, Hate Mondays, right?  This will likely not turn out any different, as "Work"the curse of the drinking class, returns each Monday to impose its burden of toil and travail upon us all.

   Monday, June 13, 2011 will likely be no different.  For one thing, a "minor Bradley Turn" will occur ( you should Google that one).  For another thing, Martin Armstrong has defined this date throught his ECONOMIC CONFIDENCE MODEL ( ECM for short) as the day on which the welfare of this planet and its inhabitants will be revealed ( in some manner, however cryptic or not).  The possibilties make me want to consider ordering a few more Johnnie Walker Black, Doubles right now !!

  Finishing serveral hundred pages of his single spaced essays typed in prison on a pre-war Ollivetti, has left me almost numb, and almost blind.  That doesnt matter.  His take on this world may.

So what is on our menu for Monday, June 13, 2011 ?

   Fire ?  Famine?   Pestilence? 

NO each is a bit too late unless they become pandemic as they are already on the move now in a big way.

Maybe, say,   REGIONAL CONFLICT leading to GLOBAL CONFLAGRATION ? ( quite possible).
Perhaps   GLOBAL FAMINE ?  (its a front runner already).
Or,  US DEBT DEFALUT w/ Financial Chaos as a chaser ( always a crowd pleaser amongst gold buds).

Well they ALL have my vote as "MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED AND HAPPEN".

What is in question is how much stress the planet and we as inhabitants, including our less rational members can take before we "Go Ballistic"( in a Nuclear War Kinda way)?

No I dont know.  I am continuing the attempt at digesting his material, and put it in a useful perspective I can understand well enough to use.
     BECAUSE Martin Armstrong was so strong and specific about this part, it bears repeating here:
During the time he was consulting for the Bank of Lebanon using his ECM, he says he was able to detect the movement of capital out of Lebanon that was specifically running away from the Civil War to come.  BECAUSE it was ABNORMAL to the flow of capital within the ECM.
     KNOWING this, the best and most available device we can use is INTER-MARKET Analysis, whose parts you can access and monitor for abnormal movements in the coming weeks.  For that I will be presenting some of the most common and easily used components of INTER-MARKET ANALYSIS in our coming posts.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tomorrow, "An American Rubicon ?" Installment #1

well as I work on it, I hope to post late tomorrow, my first installment of some impressions from Martin Armstrongs most relevant work.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Analysis & Review, Martin Armstrong Article of Apr 21

For those interested, MAY's   AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION will Feature an analysis and review of Martin Armstrong's most recent article ( Apr 21, 2011), information all investors will want

Joyous Holiday everyone

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring turn Point, + Holidays

Just a moment to share with all of ya'll,  Holiday weekend will be long and maybe a bit scary, not knowing what changes will appear when the US and European markets open on Tuesday.

Yes thats one of my boys, a Rex, and yes there is snow on the ground !!

Hope you all have a great holiday.  Got Physical?


Monday, April 11, 2011

Turn date coming, what next after that?

You may want to check out a new style of timing chart, having multi-measure triggers, over at the WEBSITE
These will be published twice monthly in AGGRESSIVE PRESERVATION, about the cheapest insurance you can get.  Good Luck