Sunday, January 30, 2011

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I notice the Bradly chart has gotten a lot of interest here, and for ease of viewing and bringing things together under one roof I have moved it to DENALIGUIDE BLOG, where you can also access the DGS News Group
Here is the 2010 Bradley Chart for your interest, so after you link over you can check out the newer chart, the cycle chart and sign up for the DENALIGUIDESUMMIT UPDATES Group.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting down to Business, First Things First.

This chart is puzzling to many, so let me stop a minute and explain how it helps me.

Just a word here.  This is star-driven, constellation mapped chart.  It is, simply,
part of what they guys who do financial astrology do, even though they consider it very elementary.

I observe it and its gyrations because, at times it seems to identify time windows during which things we don't see, happen.
    Two years ago when the negotiations for the demise of the Indy Mac Bank were ongoing, the index hit a low, formulated the year before.  Whether it was Bear Stearns or any number of other events, I find this chart useful.  If it bothers you, then I apologize.

First lets understand, the LINE does NOT represent TRUE DIRECTION.   The Line may be negatively or positively correlated to occurs, but its movement equals movement, and heavily trended areas will as likely heavily trended.   The next thing to understand, is AMPLITUDE.  This meaning that a super high on the chart may or may not correspond to a a SUPER High or a SUPER Low, but rather a TURNING POINT.

Therefore this kind of "roadmap", if you will allow that kind of reference, is about TURNING POINTS in TIME, as envisioned by the writers.  Not a lot different than prophesy, for those of us who have not been prophets, havent gone through the process, cannot say how it comes or what form it takes.

We work on Getting you there First, Getting there "First with the Most" Getting the BEST FIRST.  We use Intell from as many reliable sources as we can, and  combine them in  to quick and handy usable information.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Getting the BEST, FIRST.

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I must say I was amused to hear subscribers tell me that they NEVER heard of the companies I feature.
     Sadly, there is much out that that is "supposed" to be new new and original that by that measure, cannot be first into  stocks that become "Stars" because the leverage of Discovery is GONE !.
        That "Discovery Leverage" goes first to the ACTUAL people who do the Discovery.  Is it the drillers, the lab, the contractors, or support people who either know a good bet when they see it or hear the scuttlebutt of those that do.  The "Usual Suspects" group of insiders and promotors actually dont get to know about this stuff, until after its "DISCOVERED" and the info is now in the hands of the discoverers.  So the "Usual Suspects" like "Insiders" are actually Second In Line.  Given all the hoopla that the Big Letter's put forth, they fail to tell you that they put you at LEAST Fourth or Fifth in line to getting the BEST STOCKS.  Not FIRST, but no higher than FIFTH at best.  Sad to say, as funny as it was to me, that YOU are paying 2 to 4 times what I charge for stock selections that have already been worked over by four levels before, WITHOUT ANY REGARD FOR PROVIDING YOU WITH DECENT TIMING AT ALL.

Sad when you consider I am one lone technical analyst running on 40 years of experiences of the bumps, bruises and scars the markets and well fed letter writers could impose on me.  Time was to get EVEN, not made, so here is PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS, designed to get you in the BEST, FIRST.  My pain over the last 40 yrs is both your and my gain, as our VOLUME DYNAMICS© measurements pick up the first DISCOVERS as they let themselves in on a good thing.   Some of the stocks that we have had the good fortune to include in our 'stable of discoveries' in 2010 have been TWD.V,  TML.To, NTR.V and OX.V.
All but the last have gone for multi-fold gains.  Truly we are still waiting for the last one, but we have not counted it out yet.
     So that is part of what we do, and you should feel invited to see more, so join us over at the DenaliGuide Blog to see what your options might be, instead of having to line up behind four or five other groups of investors to get in on a good thing.

 Meanwhile a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all.