Sunday, May 30, 2010


NOW we see that the vertical lines are about 16 weeks apart.  Hmmm.  Basically, the market cycles.

WOW, now isnt that a surprise.  In spite of all CNBC pumpers, the GLOOM & DOOMERS, the market STILL cycles, up and down.  Not exactly, not precisely, but pretty darned close.   Now if we can avoid having our emotions chew us up and spit us out,  we MIGHT be able to take advantage of the gyrations of the  market.

  We know FIAT MONEY is money because our governments tell us it is, and we MUST accept it [ that is where the FIAT DECREED VALUE comes from].  We know that Gold is money.  We know that Silver is money.  People globally AND historically figure those two items for money, and no paper money's value has every outlived the regime that "declared it money", while there is nothing wrong rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's, there is also nothing wrong with having real money, as desired by people and distinguished by time.

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