Friday, May 7, 2010

7 - 7 - 7 Well, it beats 3 Sixes!!

"7 Days in MAY", today being May 7,  being a book and a motion picture about a conspiracy to take over the US Govt.  Too Late Boys, Eisenhower was RIGHT and it is too late, but not for everything.

Lets get the "7 Cities of Gold" and run it together with the "7 Luckiest Gold Stocks" pretty much in almost perfect jurisdictions and a good mix of producers, developers and explorers.  I'd like to share with you my 3 top picks from that combined list.  If you want more information, resistance & support levels and  entry timing, please sign up for Peak Performance Picks and get June's special "INFLATE or DIE"  Report.   Certain silver stocks will be also be covered.


Quaterra Resources [ QMM ] NYSE-AMX is an explorer, basically in Alaska, USA, Mexico, targeting Copper, Silver,Gold, Moly, Uranium. To keep things simple they own 100% of their projects with the exception of the "Nieves" project in Mexico. Technically robust at this moment, they secured a buy-in from Freeport-McMoRan on their copper project, "Tintic" in Utah.


Tower Hill Mines [ THM]. They are as close to production, in Livengood, as other highly touted darlings wished or people think they are. THM is outlining a placer style deposit they know is in-place. However it shows you what money can buy. THM got all the gold projects of Anglo-American [ AAUK ] in Alaska. Anglo has the capital and by the nature of the projects that THM got, it shows, and so far, so good for their efforts.

   Strong projects, strong financing and safe jurisdictions, good management and met guidance make this a good one for me.  Savvy mgmt, Gold in Turkey & China, iron development in Brazil, plus exploration make it right for me.

The Shifting sands of this market make it very profitable for safe navigation,
  but SAFE NAVIGATION is dependent upon Intell, which needs constant updates as each guide & pilot will tell you.  Safe Craft, well suited to the trip are mandatory, which I think, QMM, THM & EGO provide.   When & where to board, well that remains to be determined by the environmental conditions in force at the time.

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