Saturday, November 27, 2010


In a sense,  the remaining N.American Potash Juniors/Developers are not too different than were the few remaining free-ranging bison of the late 19th Century in North America.

Found on the Plains an Prairies of the West, but known in the East as well, they provided Food for the people.  Now, with Potash, it is and will be global food for the people 
    The Multi-Mineral Supra-National Corporations are hunting.   The Canadian Govt, in a spate of nationalism, quashed the potential take-over of Potash Corp by  a MMSNC, but let POTASH One, get hitched to a German firm, K & S.  Hmm?    How many Juniors are out there now?   Whom are worthy ?   Who will be left ?   And whom will make a run for it and who will stand and fight a lo-ball take-out? 

As much as the heartburn hurt watching these Juniors languish, it was obvious in the rising tide of global food production, that a time of PEAK POTASH would rise. 
      Patience AND being Right paid off in a quad off the 52 week low, and a little bit less from its selection.
What I ponder now is, if our prime candidate in this stampede has more than a double left ?   I think it does but have to wait for the next vignette to unfold next week.  will carry Chat Links and DGS Network  links to forums & Chat.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tweaking the FREQERS.......

Oh heavens to betsy how complex to we have to make all this.   Above is a chart of "WHATS HAPPENING".

What here needs explanation?
The Value of the DOW JONES adjusted for price inflation, provides all the necessary for understanding.

High Frequency Trading is supposed to intimidate us, by allowing market makers and computer freaks to move prices microscopic cents so we cant feel it?  Maybe buying Kinross under $1.00 makes up for that ?

I sat down to read an article on a popular site, and was confronted not by paragraphs, but almost chapters of verbage, that was killing me.   BREVITY & CLARITY are 21st century victims of GreenSpam Speak.

I WAS shocked at my revulsion to the tsunami of words directed at me as an investor, my conclusion is


I know my better half is oft requesting "THE SHORT ANSWER", which I find reasonable, as I dont want to know ALL the details, just what I MUST know, without clutter.  Sadly I am getting used to my own writing style, a bit staccato & visual, and sometimes painfully briefIt is about me being able to communicate an idea and situation  in under two minutes and in two sentences.

I dont think I need to say a lot more,

Another bifurcation? SIL

Now that it has reared its ugly head, you can decide if, when and where you might want to buy it.....or not............

Yes Peak Performance Picks will have an opinion, when the time is right.

Good Luck

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mid-Week Resource Stock

With bullish sentiment at low levels you have to wonder.  What is that Mid-Week Resource stock?
   If you are signed up for FRONT PAGE REPORT on, it will be sent out  after todays close.
Typical of a whole Sector, this group has been a bit under the radar during times when resource stocks rally.  Not so much a surprise, as a dark horse that often runs in resource based rallies.

Good Luck


Monday, August 30, 2010

Is SILVER going Ballistic

Stocks or silver, producers or explorers, well you have your choice.  Plenty of risk and reward to go around..... Beware the GREEN  "No - Fly ZONE" however till those triangles get sorted out

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wow, doesnt that chart make you hungry ? I do like the classic look

Just enuf to make you want a Virginia ham, I think.   That is a wildcard selection from last week, and tells me something is going on.  Wonder if Hormel is going to gobble them up?  Oh well Gold is in whatever stocks you find this stock market you need to keep your options open

Thursday, August 26, 2010

WOW, I really didnt expect it right away but its pretty emphatic

Since MMR is a Gulf of Mexico oriented company,  even when the Volume Dynamix© made it impossible not to Select, I didnt see this happening this week.. Sort of Mini-Positive BLACK SWAN........

Monday, August 23, 2010

Notice everyone is picking a top for Gold, Except GOLD ITSELF

and to that end, the following chart is a good example.  Perhaps momentum is slowed, but no one seems in rush to dispose of gold, gold stocks,senior or junior, in the face of the current uncertanity..........thats my take
NEW WEBSITE is  up and running with some charts I will update during the week, plus the ability to sign up for Gold and Market Alerts as they happen.

 Which would you rather leave for your kids, some US Bonds or 100 shares of Newmont Mining [NEM] ?

Maybe this chart will clarify my thinking.......

Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick, LOCK the Barn the Horses are GONE !

Not real surprsing, its been going on since 1982, and yet earlier, now we pay, and wellll......... you know

Thursday, August 12, 2010

part of what we are doing, August Front Page on Goog Docs

Am going to start loading previous issues into Goog Doc.s

 here is a link for a front page at Google Docs of PPP's  August
also want to load up a good pix here but Blogger still is tricky

it concerns gold, stock prices, silver, commodity prices, crude oil pricing, etc

Monday, August 9, 2010

'FLATION ? Fait accompli, IMO, see it here

  During all of 006 the battle see sawed back and forth but in the end DEFLATION was the  winner,and 2007 confirmed it, so now we have STAGFLATION,about to turn into SUPER-STAGLATION

Introduction of Tactical Trends  click that link to check it out.

 Now no less an "Authority" as the FED of St. Louis publishes the VELOCITY of MONEY chart, which say quite simply, that human excitability is DECLINING, which whether you subscribe to KONDRATIEFF or anyone else's theories or definitions, people are simply not going out there to assume risk and speculate in a declining opportunity environment.

     Gold thrives in a deflationary environment, especially when the ROT RATE of all currencies is compared against it and not themselves against other paper currencies.  Daily, GOLD gains value here.

READ An Intro Tactical View

Silver Spikes?   $12 Nat Gas?   Which one comes first?  Its like an insane version of the 
3 Stoodges "WHOSE ON FIRST".   The problem is no  one is laughing to the bank, unless they "KNOW who is on 1st".  You can have a laugh or two if you try PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS, at my risk, the link is on  the right hand sidebar here.

   Click on the comments and leave your e-mail  to get a copy of PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS by Denaliguide.

Strategic Investor Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking helps you protect that which is most dear to you.
Ah the blue sky and pleasant breezes, summer in full swing, gardens full, and yet under it all boils the stuff of nightmares, as the theft of your supposed inalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness goes on under the surface of this, the   Strategic Analysis you read, gives you the keys to keeping life beautiful.

   Life is beautiful, even more so with peace of mind, and leaving all the ranting and raving guru's behind would be anyone's goal, since they tend to own both sides of the bi-polar nation

Friday, August 6, 2010


Sometimes the benign nature of things is taken for granted until they turn bad.  Then we are aghast and there is nothing to say or do as things like this are called "A FORCE of NATURE"

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For your free copy of PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS

Click on the "comments"  below any post t and enter your email address to request a copy.  We will mail you the current issue for your interest.  Have a great day.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Link for the lastest PEAK PICKS tactical analysis

LINK to Peak Picks Tactical Analysisfor the stock market, gold stocks and energy.

Will be off for a bit so I thought I'd post a link for you to read the latest Public Release of PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS public analysis. This link will allow you tune right into it !

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GOLD OSCILLATOR, Bullish % of Stocks in GDM. Indicators for NOW !

Now you who have watched the gold indexes bobbing about, can see for yourself what is happening. If you do not visit the precious metals board on Investor Village, you wont know about Chuck Krew's Gold Oscillator, but it uses a list roughly comparable to the AMEX GDM Gold Miners Index. Quite simply, in Chuck's view, when the GREEN LINE is about  NINE [9 ] It puts him on alert to be aware of potential chances for a good buy.  If you want further info, you should refer to his work at Investor Village where you can get a feel for it.

   I am quite poised to see what goes on, and have in fact have a few  stocks candidates [ shared with my subscribers ] that may benefit on the next move.  Sign up here or on the Website to stay up on the latest developments in PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS.

BELOW here you can see a point and figure chart of the AMEX GOLD MINERS BULLISH  % INDEX, a good measure of how far it has fallen and what it is doing relative to its previous position. 
ABX Barrick Gold Corporation Common
AEM Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited Comm
AU AngloGold Ashanti Ltd. Common S
AUY Yamana Gold, Inc. Ordinary Shar
AZK Aurizon Mines, Ltd. Ordinary Sh
BVN Compania Mina Buenaventura, S.A
CDE Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation
EGO Eldorado Gold Corp Ltd Ordinary
GBG Great Basin Gold, Ltd. Common S
GFI Gold Fields Ltd. American Depos
GG Goldcorp Incorporated Common St
GOLD Randgold Resources Limited
GRS Gammon Gold Inc. Ordinary Share
GSS Golden Star Resources, Ltd Comm
HL Hecla Mining Company Common Sto
HMY Harmony Gold Mining Co. Ltd. Am
IAG Iamgold Corporation Ordinary Sh
KGC Kinross Gold Corporation Common
LIHR Lihir Gold, Limited
MFN MineFinders Corp. ComposeLtd. Ordinary
NEM Newmont Mining Corporation (Hol
NSU Nevsun Resources Ltd Ordinary S
NXG Northgate Minerals Ltd Common S
PAAS Pan American Silver Corp.
RGLD Royal Gold, Inc.
SA Seabridge Gold, Inc. Ordinary S
SLW Silver Wheaton Corp Common Shar
SSRI Silver Standard Resources, Inc
TRE Tanzanian Royalty Exploration C
VGZ Vista Gold Corp New Common Stoc

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kondratieff's vision's are fulfilled by the unforseen BLACK SWAN events

SO is it the "hand from the grave" that we find ourselves dealing with, or like the cartoon character POGO, do we accept : "We have met the enemy and he is us.!" ?

More like it is the arrogance and complete hubris of those who have wormed their way into central positions as MONETARY AUTHORITIES that have left the financial system at total risk of disintegration by chaining together all the financial risks in the world into one long FAST FUSE, or so, that is, IMO.

Rather than hand-wringing, we can pursue a course to prepare and defend ourselves and our families financial health.  The satisfaction I get from writing PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS keeps me going , daily, to find ways for you to protect yourself.
     A partial list of candidates from whom I will choose this weeks selections is : NEM,  HW, MSB,  QMM, FUN, LIZ, HRZ, GPK, SR, MLM, TD, RKH, V, FRG..................all good candidates........... but only  a few will make the cut.

To stay abreast of my latest selections, sign up now for your subscription to PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS on our sidebar..

For our quarterly review of our winners and more frequent updates please CLICK HERE to sign up.
I look forward to sharing my winners with you.


Memories of nasturtiums at Ester Gold Camp

Thanks to my sweet partner for  these nasturtiums that  so remind me  of  those we had  back at the Ester Gold Camp [ now closed ].  The Coke bottle was dug up in a flower bed.   Summer is  here, and its clear and sunny.   These flowers do not bloom well in good soil, so I am told, and thus I have withheld the fertilizer from that section of the garden.   The woodstove takes me back, and come winter it will keep us nice and warm.

Things like flowers help me appreciate the things life has to offer, whether it is friendship, a serene scene, or classic and timeless beauty.
The simplicity of this beauty  struck me as something I wanted to share.   It is the simplicity that brings the beauty in so close  that  you can feel the vivid nature of memories from forms an colors like a French Impressionist painting.

Friday, July 16, 2010


JACKSON was a Populist & CENTRAL BANK Enemy.

Hamilton died in a duel with Aaron Burr.
Jackson died a hero and yet failed to stop Central Banking.
Kondratieff died in the Soviet Gulag because he was probably right.


AS part of a larger tragedy, all three were right.
SIMPLE TRUTH: HAMILTON's Central BANK has become a 3 headed monster
ONE is the FED, TWO is the TREASURY Dept , and THREE is JPM.,
    What you dont know can hurt you..........

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11 CHAT - >

My apologies to any that could  not access our chat.

From what I could see on my log, the following ISP Locations either could not connect or stay connected to this chat.  Disappointing to me and I apologize even before I trouble shoot this situation:

Denver, CO
Palo Alto CA
Etobikoke Ont
Sydney NSW Aus
Waltham MA
Hamilton ONT
Woodstock CN
Melbourne VICTORIA, Aus
Avon, Ohio
Guelph ON
San Luis Obispo CA
Redwood Falls MN
Argyle WI
Masset BC
Happauge NY
Pt Roberts WA
Jupiter FL

If any wish to share their findings you can email me at  DG@Denaliguidesummit.Com.  This is our new website under construction and if you wish to be notified of future chats please sign our guestbook LINK

Thank you all for your patience in this matter, and the best to you all for your participation.  Best, DG

Chat comments

please leave your comments, they will be appreciated

Friday, July 9, 2010

Who is hot, who is not, Find out SUNDAY Nite at chat 7-9 PM Eastern

WOW, Exciting NEWS, please visit MY new  >>>>Website yet under construction.

But inspite of the danger of this Reflex Rally, there are some sectors still of interest.  Lets see,,,,,,,,,food, grain, protein sources, energy sources, lotsa interesting stuff.  MOS looks pretty  hot, but we will see how far it could go.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

REFLEX Rally -> how much might it fool us ?

I really DONT know but it looked so pretty.

That little curve looks so pretty, just like it was drawn by hand.

Now the fun part is that the current rally which started out about 9600 is accompanied by average volume at best.

Hmmm wonder what that means, and that hook upwards in the MACD is quite capable of volatile moves.  Lets see if it gets to the ZERO Line.

Now for all you guys  who keep checking in, past readers & acquaintances included, please feel free to have to drop in on our

SUNDAY Nite CHAT 7-9 PM Eastern, right here at the blog site.

SECTORS like Coal and Gold run then cycle, run then cycle, like YZC going from  5 to 27 in a 18 mo's, and gold the form of IAG went from 8 to 20, in roughly the same time spread.  I am hearing a lot of  "freakology", about the danger of getting into some stocks, esp non-blue chips.  Now some blue chips will survive and do well, but those with safe dividend and reasonable appreciation can  be attractive.  Sadly, those "blue chip survivors" might be well camoflauged, and take some deep DD to find.  A lot of fear is out there about energy, but I dont see any societies use of energy dropping in any straight line fashion.    Both the Canadian and US sectors have a lot of up and coming energy players that I often list.
   Notably speaking, it is more likely that the Canadian Sector is not as well prices as teh US Sector for any number of reasons, but  I dont see them discounted to the same rate the US energy stocks have been.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jail Break in the ROF [ Ring of Fire ]

LOOKS LIKE FANCAMP EXPLORATION is trying to break out of its Bollinger Band straitjacket, with a BULLISH ENGULFING Yesterday and a continuation BULL CANDLE today.

I actually like it better than the alert I posted to the WORD PRESS BLOG this  morning

NEW Candidate posted today at

 the link below.  All subscribers have their July Password.

I see the potential in both formation and volume dynamics here.  It might be somewhat vulnerable to the underlying commodity, and even make  you  wait for a break out, I cant tell.  NUS did not make us wait, so I send this one out for you to check out

denaliguide Word Press

good luck, DYODD

Monday, July 5, 2010

What did we learn so far ? Chat Sunday Nite ! !

We learned because a stock looks cheap, does not mean it has made a significant bottom.
We know from this case that the market is sold down, but yet can be sold down further, with only a "relief rally" here to take off the pressure and let it settle back down to some serious selling.

Note that the blue bars can run a long way down yet, and are aimed that way, so maybe we will get another day or two down before the "RELIEF RALLY" takes the pressure off .  There are literally hundreds of methods to look at this, but simple as this is, it seems to say that low as the market may seem to be, it may notch a little lower before re-adjusting.

Please note we will be holding a chat here Sunday NITE 7-9 PM Eastern, Open format everyone welcome.


Saturday, July 3, 2010


feel free to leave any feedback about chat times, as I am thinking I will continue to have Sun Nite Chats till I hear better times.

Meanwhile enjoy your weekend and celebrations.


Friday, July 2, 2010


"These are three flags I like - Each Celebrating.
AK - the longest day
Canada - Confederation Day, known as CANADA DAY, 
              and the USA Known as the 4th of July, celebrating Independence

Review Dicussion & Preview:

We were treated to a very nice drop of approximately 8 market days stoping at an intra-day low of DJIA 9574, now at 9727 as I write this. Nimble and agile traders were able to pick off $2 from TZA in a matter of 8 days, 30% in 8 days. Funny to see guys brag about 30% in a year, when that is simply currency rot !!

Whether larger forces can inteverne forcefully enuf to buoy markets up, I see the market moving down in a “sawtooth” or “stairstep” fashion. I cannot say where I expect it to end price or level-wise, rather, saying I'd look to Mid-August............"

     And  as the added bonus, the lead selection issued on Jun 30 ramped from 1.49 to 1.83 this morning as a day high after opening at 1.74.  Trading Canadian Stocks in the Pinks can be tricky, but in this instance I think it may be the start of something good, but only time can tell.

  If you'd like to get results like this, sign up for our subscription on the side bar and take control of  your trading strategy and tactics.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Let me show you; SEVENTEEN AGONIZING DOWN DAYS IN A ROW, thats where we COULD GO FROM HERE. No assurance we will, but it is possible and has precedent.

And if you go back on a weekly chart you see that Mr.Nasty bottomed out at -1600 thereabouts.

How that relates to us is fairly simple.  Today the Dow was down almost 250 by 11 AM , fairly scary stuff.

What you have is a cyclical Bear Market cycling inside a Secular or Long Term Bear Market, so when they get in gear downwards  you have a "FREAKOUT MODE", like last year.   When the Secular Bear consolidates, corrects or rests,  and the Cyclical Market hits its BULL Stride then, you find stuff like March of 2009, when picking winners was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Bottom line.  GURU's to the contrary [ arent they always ? ? ], the market can rebound here, or it can find a lower bottom, kinda like a Long Term Bottom as we have seen before.   CRASH - ah that is always possible, but with so much fiat floating flotsam  it seems like a real drop would attract cash like the "May FLASH CRASH" got an immediate rebound.

K.I.S.S.  Keeping IT Simple Stuff -  as illustrated in the new  version of the  Karate Kid with Jaden Smith and Jack Chan.   Walking into match, Jack Chan reading rules.  Kid says excited to him, "you reading rules??
You dont know rules ??"  Jack Chan turns to KID and says:  "Rules Simple.  You hit HIM, you DONT let him hit  you ! !  Was only reading points needed to score"  Focus is what I say.

Subscribe for a trial $5 before July when the rates will change.  Meanwhile good luck.


Monday, June 28, 2010

ROLL OVER, not the movie

Wow, would I be concerned if I was not hedged ? I think you can be sure I would !

Does this mean I dont look for an upmove ? Actually I do, I lifted my short via the 3X Leveraged BEAR ETF, and I will be just as fast to put it back when this drive runs out of steam.........

I think we all could tread very lightly hereabouts.........


Lets look at the same momentum indicator with different measures......

Looking at this you see, while the CCI indicator is in a low space, it still has room to run to the downside, which means, to me, two things. ONE, the pain is not over yet. TWO when it is, it will be a good cycle buying move EXCEPT should we experience a still stronger downward trending channel. As at any casino, you pay your money and take your chances.......

The previous Chart [ Mr.Nasty] was about TREND, lets look at Momentum

This one is about MOMENTUM, which is changes of acceleration inside a trend.

Low as it might have been it appears there is room to the downside.  How much, or how long it might go I DONT know, but there it is. 

Another post with different measures is included.

Here is MR.NASTY - he never lies and he takes NO Prisoners

Pretty much low as we are, Mr.NASTY is showing Down TREND In-Force.

Mr. Nasty is about TREND

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Well that was a CHAT !

lotsa chatters, some ideas, mostly hanging out.  Chuck was there as were about 10 others, from both boards, and the truth is i gotta get a better chat system.  Will post the results tomorrow, thanks all,



CHAT TONITE 7-9 PM Eastern, bring your best Game, got to love G-20 !

The chat box will be up here for you all to sign in on, and I will be there ASAP, so we can hang out.

Whats  your choice?  Gold ?  Silver?  Inflation?  Deflation?  Energy ?  Cycles ?  Juniors ?  Producers?

Bring  your game, so we can kick it around some while having a cold one.  See  you there !

Friday, June 25, 2010


Got ahead of myself but we will have chat this Sunday Nite btwn 7-9 PMEastern, chat box will be up on the top of the blog.

   See you Sunday Nite.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Stocks of interest in last nights chat

were from sectors from Food to Crude, Oil Sands, Steel, Iron & Coal,  Gold, Silver, Nat Gas, Agriculture, Fertilizer and Finance.  A number of  areas including coins, physical gold and silver, coins, ETF's of all kinds, and techniques discussed made the two hours fly by.  Some of those items less frequently mentioned in mainstream dialogs were KOL, SIVR, & PHOSPHATES.

I think there was a slight consensus of who was the "GO-TO-GUY" in the PM and Mining sector, and maybe one stock we again placed in consensus plus we were able to share a trading technique or two.

Some of the stocks we covered were WTN.To, GCE.To,, MSB, CLF, AXU, JAG, AAV, AGT, KBX, QMM, RBY, VGZ, TIV, NG, MGI, PAL, and some how I am sure we will see them again.


WELL the BLACK & RED LINES  are  your REAL PURCHASING POWER, arrived at by subtracting out the actual pricing of commodities [ thin black line ] you'd have to price with your nominally valued cash [ numerical value of dollars ].

   This is why watching the NUMERICAL VALUE of INVESTMENTS is dangerous.  We get left with a false sense of security, while the real VALUE PURCHASING POWER of our investments drains away without our noticing.

  Its an ugly picture but someone has to post it.  This is why your investments must beat the REAL VALUE of INFLATION, + the LOSS of TAXES by a huge margin.  This is why there is NO SUBSTITUTE for VICTORY.

  Sign up for a short term trial today while its still available.  I think you will like the results.

 Good Luck All.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


yes, Virginia, NOTHING has changed.  Today I got in my e-mail several seemingly urgent calls about a miniumum of TWO NEW BUBBLES in the investing world and how to protect myself and profit from them.
I guess we have a BUBBLE  in Bubbles now !

Let me show you above where there is NOT a current BUBBLE forming but where it is bubbling .

I guess I will pass on those two INSIDE CHANCES they were offering me to get the inside scoop on those bubbles and I will have to be stuck with my own technical work to guide me.  Yes the market will fluctuate, and yes the market will crash at times, but not when we are being told in advance that it will.  That  is what makes UNEXPECTED Events, Unexpected.  In fact it makes  you ask  yourself, can there ever be more than one black swan?

Gold, Stock Market, Guts, Guns & Guru's

Pretty catchy title dont you think ??  Something for the search engines to latch onto.

Honestly, I'd like a dime for each time this last month someone has called, or written or asked me in person,
"IS THE MARKET GOING TO CRASH ? " and then they add, "  ' cause that is what I heard someone say.'

So if your that someone, please dont stop, meanwhile here is a VIEW:

Now REMEMBER  MR. NASTY does not lie, nor does  he take any prisoners alive.

So if we have to crash it will be by jumping out a basement window at this time.

Personally I am not betting on a crash just yet.

 Likely what is crashing is any Stock Market Guru's INCOME who is not trying to scare people into action.

I am truly afraid what readers are subject to are the seemingly sensational writings, of some very rational people who realize no one is interested in what they have to say unless it is almost as intense as to be border line paranoid.   Now, I really do love conspiracy theories, and some almost make a little sense in some weird twisted ways, and make great movies.  What they dont make, are good material for any sort of "UNIFIED FIELD THEORY of INVESTING", so, sorry there, as I really do find myself hemmed in by the technicals I find in my market scans and due diligence investitgations.