Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Success at FREEWEST, some charts and chat

Each and every chart above represents an alternative look at FREEWEST, adjusted for time, volatility and price bias, based on my experience working with P & F charts.

Since FREEWEST does not show up well on Traditional Point & Figure charts
as it is under $1.00, some adjustment tends to set it equal, as if under a magnifier.
Differing methods of calculation show differing upside objectives.

Two things seem really clear when you look at any chart, Point & Figure or other:

1/ FREEWEST's stock is in an uptrend.

2/ There are multiple upside objectives ranging from 80 cent ( not shown here) up to almost $2.00.

In my opinion, some of these will materialize. Further, IMO, the gap at 36 will not be closed, until long after FREEWEST is long over this chrome deal.

I did not share those charts today with Mac today but he will get a copy of this in his email.
It is no overstatement that FWR shareholders including Mac are tired of the continuous “nattering nabobs of negativity”, that I think are coming from the aggressor in this hostile bid for FREEWEST. The constant negative battering is only increasing FREEWESTS resistance to anything Noront.

FREEWEST is preparing a NI43-101, which for me will be a
“precipitating event”. The “Resource Inventory” released last week was but a peek into some of the resources that FREEWEST has. It should be considered interim, and preliminary to the entire NI43-101. Of course all FREEWEST stockholders will want to see that before they let someone else make up their minds about the stock value.

FREEWEST, Mac & CLIFFS have “No Comment”, IMO, because they have the goods. When you got the goods, you don't have to fill the air with hot air, threats and promises. Their announcement will come when the time is right.
On this line I asked Mac a stupid but open ended question as to what or whether we could expect more news releases before the end of the hostile offer, and he laughed and said, “probably, most likely so.”

FREEWEST responded to the attack on the Stockholder Rights Plan, and I imagine we will always have one in place if we need one.
CLIFFS strategy for FREEWEST and KWR is unchanged at this time.

MAJORS continue to roam both the field in the RING of FIRE and the offices of
companies we know. The RING is the hottest thing going and FREEWEST has the goods.

Rather than take up more time of this talented and generous guy I simply bowed out of the conversation at this point, and told him I would be writing this later today to share with as many FREEWEST stockholders that read my blog at:


In reality, Mac is very generous with is time and expertise, so as many are always
in his face and as much as is on his plate, he will talk with you, so I try to be direct and to the point and get as much info as he feels he wants to release, to be shared with stockholders, so this is a “Chat”, not a report. For me, its about keeping in touch.