Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Correction, PZE reogranizes and does what is

basically a 2.5 to 1 reverse split. Technically a re-organization, this simply reflects that move. Of course, no one knew until the close today, more or less, so it was fun, but in fact a false alarm.

Lets talk about "Also-Ran's"

Well as I write this weeks review I realize that many of the issues that dont make it

into PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS are still of interested to a lot of readers.

Yes we are in a correction, yes its a weird and scary time. You could buy or sell the entire market with options or ETF's, and that can be a lot of fun or very painful, depending how you get into it. Here at PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS I buy long stocks for immediate performance. Now for my readers I list some of these stocks. They are NOT listed because they are poorly performing stocks, but primarily because their trend has turned up and is a bit too mature for my bottom picking tastes. Some of them are holds in my portfolio, with stops under them. Others have small things about them that make them perhaps not quite ready for inclusion this week. I present them for your interested and caution you both to DYODD,and excercise care in timing and acquiring any of them without some serious technical analysis.

To qualify even before I cut them, these stocks had to be working on bottoming out in support areas, with other positive technical features. My best advice here is to NOT CHASE them.

Here they are, in part:

Industrials & others: IGC, ALN, NGA, CPF, GRO, MOD, CHB, LEE, NTZ, SRI, XRX, LB, REV



With a little luck and a little time I will put some charts up in links after my next letter goes out, featuring the ones that didnt make the cut.

Good Luck

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Speaking of Winners

Scanning this morning I noticed that PZE which was a #3 Gold Medal reco on 9/10
at $6.75, OPENED today at $ 17.29, and is trading in the 17-18 range. FWIW while I am attuned for news, which I have not yet ferreted out, any of you holding it must DYODD here to determine your course of action. Typically my rule is to "Sell the Spikes" but this may be something different than a spike, rather an offer to buy or something of that nature. In any case, A STOP BELOW THIS, as a Take Profit Point [ TPP ] is called for.

As I develop more news I will either carry it on the letter or send it out as a FLASH MESSAGE.

Meanwhile, Good Luck and Tight Lines.