Monday, June 29, 2009

it has that "FEEL" to it, reminescent of the HINDENBURG stuff

The market that is. Feels like it should be going down when its going up.

Part of that is considered the "WALL of WORRY" that Bull Market's climb.

For the masses, this looks to me more like the nice wide approach to the

"CLIFF's of EUPHORIA", wherefrom the masses make their leap into the Abyss.

The Big Buzz amongst all the small caps was the Russell Re-Balance with 427 changes

to the Russell 3000. The add-on's got volume bursts as money manager scrambled

to encompass all the new additions, somewhat distorting the Small Cap universe.

Likely, in the largest sense, if companies prospered, whether immediately reflected

in share price, they were added to the RUSSEL if they were Representative. Also,

for me the reverse is true.

Given some severe sell signals already in hand, IMO, none of the above invalidates

any of the flashing yellow caution lights showing, whether its Volume or Mr. Nasty,

the Schizophrenic UP HUGE, DOWN HUGE days and their Bi-Polar natures.

Today will no doubt provide plenty of information to work on, so we can see a

more clearly tomorrow.

Good Luck,


Given the extreme need not to be left behind and be part of the crowd, we can

expect the lemming effect of managers and investors alike "following-on" the new

additions. Previous followers of the newly additions will now how to sift thru

all the lemmings surrounding those stocks and find what is real.

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