Monday, June 22, 2009

ALLEY-OOP coming your way ! ! !

Lets see, Mr. Nasty been saying DOWN since last week. Seems to me this is an "IN YOUR FACE" Stuff block !! The TALKING HEADS say it was the WORLD BANK Report, like they had anything to say we did not already know 6 months ago ? ? ?

Asian Indexes are off about 3% as I write this. Industrials down 200 today besides the best efforts of the Interventionists, after an entire WEEK of Mr. Nasty's clear and confirmed downward progress.
Note that I mentioned that much smoke and mirrors would be used to confuse the investors and observers alike. I think that is well born-out to date, and there is more coming no doubt.
How deep with this one go ? I dont really know, but know that Mr. Nasty will let us know when we have a change in momentum or a change of trend.