Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New concept, new challenge

Last time I moved, my darling wife and I sat down and made some hard choices.
We took all that we needed and nothing we
didn't, and moved 4,000+ miles, taking everything that fit those criteria into our Mazda Pickup.

My concept is pretty simple. I read so much about many and I occasionally see an "ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE" from the occasional writer. Those of us who have Internet Access are so
privileged in the scheme of things on this Planet, that I encourage all to adopt that "ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE. My commitment is to lighten up on my material goods by 50% by the summer.

On this LINK Doll's Journey you'll see my darling wife's challenge, which I am also taking. I invite you to challenge your concepts and consider taking this challenge along with us. What could it hurt?