Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cultural GAP ? Well Not Really but there is no MLK

Day in Canada, but markets in the states will be CLOSED previous to President Elect Obama's Inauguration.

But is that why we are having a General Stock Market Rally, or rather is it WHEN we are having the Rally. The Rally is NOT confined to the General Market. The HUI, XUA & GDX are in Rebound mode. NOTE the steady Rise in Crude, via WTIC, and even our weakest sister, Nat Gas has steadied. Not surprisingly the US Dollar is bobbling about as its Daily MACD tries to turn downward.

Silver is showing an even sharper upturn than gold, and since silver tends to lead both up and down, this is a seriously interesting development to me.

Interestingly enuf, the Breadth in this currently ending correction never broke down.
Rather Large Cap stocks, DOW components have started to deteriorate, whereas certain small caps have outpaced their larger brethren. Tracking the large caps participation in this coming rally will gauge the depth of the next move down.
Beware the IDES of MARCH ! ! !

The way its going, it might be a long way to the Tuesday OPEN, but the TSX will be open for your orders. Rsi/,, PVE/, and a whole host of other dually listed issues are available on the TSX if your broker will go there for you.

I am not tapped out yet, but I am fully loaded, just looking to slip one or two more issues aboard before we shove off, and ride this wave.

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