Monday, January 5, 2009

Short, Sweet, Unhedged Redux, oui ?

Well it seemed like the previous UNHEDGED article was a hit.

Straight talk and one handed economists seem to be in short supply in this world.

Rather than try to "call" markets, I will trail them like an Athabascan Moose Hunter. Even their traditional enemies, the Inuit, will give them the accolade of being simply the best moose hunters in their universe.

Once a moose senses someone or something on its back trail [ following it ], that moose simply MUST know what it is, so it then ALWAYS doubles back on its trail until it determines the identity of its follower. Anciently, Northern Athabascan groups like the G'wtitchin of Interior Alaska, learned to use this trait to their advantage.
This allowed them to lay in wait, after doubling back on their OWN trail to catch the moose doubling back on HIS trail. Successful attempts of this nature often yielded probably over 1,000 pounds of usable nourishment and materials to the hunter.

The relation here is simply. You are always doing the short term tracking in order to stay on the backtrail of the markets to determine which way they are going, so that you can harvest profits.

So rather than do the old "white man" deal of trying to call where [ price ] and when [ time ], I find it more reliable to say "he went thatta way !" and stay on the right side of it. Indian trick taught me by a white man, his name is Richard K. Nelson, and he wrote "HUNTERS OF THE NORTHERN FOREST", one of the great reads around.

In my next post we will look for this markets backtrail, and then figure out which way to double back on our own trail so we will be down wind from where the market is going to turn.

Right now we are in the middle of a correction, so if your stops are in place, well youre in good shape.