Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rip Tide

Sometimes you just feel like a little fish tossed about by colliding currents. Tidal Rip's are the angler's terminolgy where two currents meet in opposition and throw all former trending movements into seemingly unpredictable confusion. Woe betide the small fish in there, but BIG FISH love it, it is a buffet table full of treats.

Let see, Russia invades Georgia, and gold drops. China apparently cooperates with Paulson, and the plan, beginning right after July 4th, has the dollar rallying almost into Christmas of this year. The Aden Sisters publish what is easily interpreted as a bearish take on PM's, tantamount to throwing in the towel. The flow of investment capital into Russia STOPS. The Oil Bloc begins the tidal movement of money back into dollars.

Little fish here are running hither, thither and yon, trying to find safe heaven, cover or at least concealment. Seemingly a very confusing situation.

Here is where I think we stand. I think Gold has bottomed. I think the US Dollar and Gold, will rally here at least the Presidential Election. I think McCain wins.

Thats about all I think I can say here, for now. Typical of rip tides and bottoms, some of my instruments are spinning like a weathercock in a gale. Others are steadily pointing In-Trend. What I will say, is that I think the Aden call will result in the WhipSaw of the Decade. I prefer to stay attuned to the intermediate trend, as there is better per centage there in being on the correct side of trends either shortly they turn. Trend Following is ALWAYS WRONG at TURNS. ITs fun till then, but THE TREND IS NOT YOUR FRIEND AT THE END.

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Until we meet again, Happy Trails to you all,