Saturday, September 6, 2008

IS IT a BULL or is IT a BEAR

Simple, Quick Objectivity could help.

Usually the mind can only absorb what your butt can tolerate. Both ends go numb at the same time. Lotsa people told me that !! What is sadder, I learnt it for myself, just reading, reading, reading all everyone had to say. I learned lots, and came up with the "Tsunami of Text" [ TOT ] from the "Gathering of Guru’s" [ GOG ]. I ended up poorer and more tired than ever before, physicall, mentally, financially. I got sad, then mad, and realized that the answer was both within my reach and right before me. No " 'GOG' 'TOT' " could help me.

How did we get overwhelmed by the "GOG" and "TOT" ?
OK, one last acronym, please ?
How about T.A.P.? [ no, not Trans-Alaska-Pipeline ! ], but rather " Technical Analysis Paralysis" ?
Who can make a decision when one Respected Analyst who got it right last year is calling for a historic low, and Respected Analyst II who got it right the turn before that, is calling for a helluva bull run ? Not only did I go to bed with my eyes hurting and my head swimming, and my account whipsawed.

For me the answer is Simplicity. Measuring things. Not listening to what otherss say, but paying attention the MARKET DOES. Looking at the numbers. Watching the movements. Like sitting out in the woods and listening to what the squirrels and whiskey jacks were telling me. Watching the ravens try to show me which way they wanted me to go.
Here objectivity is accomplished by observation, contemplation, using the “Stillness” around you. ‘Stillness’ lets the realities percolate into our minds. Realities, plural, because life is full of uncertainties. Uncertainty brings along the need to plan. One uncertainty probably spawns a plan with two or more possibilities, and so forth…….for our reality can be feel like an elephant being examined by nine blind humans, each could come up with a differing ‘observation’ from their senses. Knowing this, you plan. The sort of thing that says, If ‘A’ is thru, then proceed, if ‘A ‘ is not true, then we go to ‘ B ‘ and examine that. Usually its an “Either / Or “ situation.

Back to Brevity. I remember working with Steve S. at a communication facility on the East Coast. His favorite fantasy opening, for difficult customers [ and only he would have the chutzpah to say it ! ] was : “Whats your beef, keep it BRIEF ! ? ?”
I learned from that to keep my observations and plans to one simple sentence each, the old K.I.S.S. Forumla [ Keep It Simple, Stupid ! ].

Simple, Quick, Easy. As many times as we have been marketed with those words, they are my model for Objectivity. No point in jumping thru all the hoops if it is so complex we forget where we started, what our objectives were, and The Rules, All those RULES.

K.I.S.S. me is all I can say.

The best thing I can say here is that Jim Sinclair has a good set of Strategy & Tactics, and some of my models contained elements of them before I even knew he had them.
PLAN ‘ A ‘ might be if it’s a BULL ; PLAN ‘ B ‘ might be if it’s a bear.

PLAN ‘ C ‘ might be if we cant tell.

Personally I like PLAN “ C “, because it’s a balancing act, which requires more work, but does not let you get out of whack, because you are always balancing. ITS WORK, that’s the reality……..

This week's Summit Trend Update will be filed 9/6/2008, later today.


Last week, this Summit Trend Update went out those on the sign up list:

” Below are included Issued from the AMEX, TSE & Venture Exchanges,
showing significant Upward Momentum. All issues are under $7.00.

WEL, GSX, Rubicon, Phoscan, GBN, Paladin and Metanor are well
known to me, and may be held long
in personal and Associate accounts.

In each and every case here, DYODD & DYOHW ! ! !

ANV Allied Neveda Gold AMEX 5.84
AZC Augusta Resources AMEX 4.89
ETQ Corriente Resources AMEX 4.15
GGR Geo Global Resources AMEX 3.98
GSX Gasco Energy, Inc. AMEX 2.63
ILE Isolagen, Inc. AMEX 1.34
WEL Boots and Coots Intl AMEX 3.05
XPO Express-1 AMEX 1.42

AGI.TO Almos TSE 6.08
ARI.TO Arius Research, Inc. TSE 2.42
BNK.TO Bankers Petroleum TSE 4.85
CLM.TO Consolidated Thompso TSE 6.06
ELR.TO Eastern Platinum Ltd. TSE 1.57
GBG.TO Great Basin Gold Ltd. TSE 2.74
ORA.TO Aura Minerals Inc TSE 1.34
PDN.TO Paladin Energy Ltd. TSE 5.28
RMX.TO Rubicon Minerals TSE 1.84

CNS.V Canoro Resources CDNX 0.75
FOS.V Phoscan Chemical CDNX 1.06
HAT.V Hathor Exploration CDNX 4.37
MTO.V Metanor Resources CDNX 0.6
NRS.V Norwood Resources CDNX 1.29
PIK.V Peak Gold Ltd. CDNX 0.81
RYD.V Ryland Oil Corp. CDNX 1.89
SLG.V Sterling Resources CDNX 2.28
TAS.V Terra Ventures Inc. CDNX 0.98
WZR.V WesternZagros CDNX 2.49

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