Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year. 2008 was a great year, leaves

me happy and in good health. I hope it has done the same for you. May you all have a Happy and Prosperous New Year for you and all of yours.

2009 is gonna rock. Some will question whether they will be on top of the rock or under the rock.

I tell you this : I will be striving to stay out from under the rock by staying on the correct side of the intermediate trend.

You are invited to visit my new website,, which is a work in progress. I am hoping to offer on-demand porfolio analysis as well as individual issue analysis, plus consulting and assistance. I will be keeping my numbers limited, using a cross referenced series of indicators to help investors in this education simulation, learn what they need to know to prosper in any environment.

For example, right now I am in 5 sectors, Food, Energy, Precious Metals, Misc & Cash
The composition of these segments is dynamic as the markets themselves, and so changes. A subscription to the DenaliguideSummit TREND UPDATE, issued each Wednesday will list the components of each sector, plus additions, deletions, acquisition levels and more.

Happy New Year. LOOK, DONT LISTEN .


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Short, Sweet and Unhedged

A friend posted something that I had mentioned earlier, so I will post six words.->

Market Rally, Gold UP, Dollar Down. <-THE PREVIOUS SIX WORDS. Till Obama's inaug, not clear past that yet.


The Denaliguide Summit Basic Subscriber Pre-Promotion rate for blog readers is $9.95 monthly for the first one hundred respondents. To obtain your Pre-Promotion subscription, please email " Subscriptions are only available via E-mail, sorry for any inconvenience.

New Year Coming, New Changes Coming

Please have my best wishes for the Happiest of Holiday Seasons, everyone, for you and your families.

My list of gifts and blessings : 1/ Family ; 2/ Health; 3/ Gratitude for the wonderful world in which we live.

As we pursue our lives and dreams, we all acknowledge that these gifts make that possible, and that part of our desire to pursue our dreams and objectives is to make those three things better.

For my part, the changes are a new website and the beginnings of a basic weekly subscription update service.

The focus on NEWS YOU CAN USE while its still NEWS has NOT CHANGED. No rehashes and recaps is still my policy.
Straight talk is what it is all about, so -> NO TALKING HEADS.

No TORRENTS of TEXT to dazzle & blind you, NO GATHERINGS of GURU's to cloud the mind.

Heres is what we do. Straight technical Opinion : "UP", "DOWN", "NO NET GAIN",
"YES", "NO", "I DONT have an Opinion". We form our opinions with New, Innovative Indicators Plus the support and confirming data of Standard Technical Analysis, plus the input of private, unpublished indicators. The data input is huge, but as it comes together, it may point directions previously unknown.

The Denaliguide Summit Basic Subscriber Pre-Promotion rate for blog readers is $9.95 monthly for the first one hundred respondents. To obtain your Pre-Promotion subscription, please email " Subscriptions are only available via E-mail, sorry for any inconvenience.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holidays, an Attitude of Gratitude

From the Summit, let me wish all our readers the very best the world has to offer them.

May you realize all these things, for "An Attitude of Gratitude."

My gift to you will be a secret, unless you obtain a copy of the "The Secret", available in DVD & VHS. That is my Holiday Gift to you.

And as I am reminded, please be assured I am nor, nor was not, nor have any connection with whomever made this production, but I think it is a good starting point, for anyone,anytime. It is simply a favorite of mine.

Happy Holidays.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Update posted

so check your mail or group. Good Luck


HOW DO I KNOW, everything will be alright ?

YOU DONT ! ! but does it take a Weatherman to figure which way the wind is blowing ?

Since the Oct 27th BOTTOM it is evident that many of the quality "unknown" small caps have advanced a great deal. That tells you IN SPITE OF WHAT THE Talking Heads are spewing that people who KNOW something or have CONVICITION, have backed up their willingness to RISK with real money.

What are you thinking? For darn sure, IMO, you need to be thinking.

THINK, dont LISTEN, in this age you have the tools. Your brain is either your best friend or your worst enemy, YOU DECIDE, not Fox News.

For those who dont receive it, there is a good free quarterly review published by
Toby Hansen, which is available, upon request. I shall put his email address under the BLOG PRINCIPLES for your ease, also, which is : It carries an article by myself and is available without charge.

In the meantime, THINK DONT listen to the Talking Heads -> basically, IMO they KNOW NOTHING, but read the copy they are given, and again, IMO, if you follow their lead you will be casualties in these INFO WARS.

In any case, Good Luck. I will be starting a Mentoring Class in the new year, so if you wish info, please contact me. Whatever your doing, make sure you have a great day !!!



Thursday, December 11, 2008

Vigilance, your key

Just as every square inch of inland water in Alaska is classified as CLASS "2" just because it is so cold, so am I on DEFCON "2" as concerns these markets.

That said, look at the above chart, and ask yourself, how quickly I'd jump to DEFCON "4", awaiting the launch of the WEIMAR HyperInflation. It would take me 2 nanoseconds or less to jump into a WEIMAR HyperINflation Alert Posture, simply due to all the circustances I addressed in my last post.

Its about zero F, with two feet of snow on the ground. Gas is cheap now, for awhile.
I have firewood, food, and the supplies and tools for daily living, at hand.

Would you need to make WEIMAR Alert Preparations, well you know, you'd have a go-bag, food, PM's and a portfolio balanced btwn Cap Gains, Income, Defense & Offense.
Since this is the Season of Christmas, I think a quote : ".... shall come like a thief in the night, and no one shall know the time....", I think, as I paraphrase or misquote Christ. I think that quote both ancient and wise applies here.

May the wealth of your life overwhelm you with gratitude for the world in which you live. Live and enjoy your life and all those around you. Make sure you light such candles as you may to snuff out the darkness.

Be Vigilant, Be Objective. LOOK dont LISTEN. Such things as I have given, please take with my sincere good wishes, and my best wishes for joyous times for you and yours.


GREEN LINE. Watch the Green Lines ! !

Following the Concept of LOOK DONT LISTEN ! WE NOW CAN follow the Green Lines.

What we are seeing here is the weighted compilation of all the advances minus declines on the NASD over a period of 100 days. Think of it as a weighted Oscilator, much like the Ultimate Oscillator.
It is further modified by being subjected to the MACD treatment in the lower panel.

The Upper Panel is Wilder's ADX, or directional index. The up line is GREEN. The green line measures HOW MUCH AREA is UNDER the BULLISH CURVE. It shows me that the Breadth is advancing.

So smoothed, weighted and massaged, the up-turning plurality of the Advances over the Declines on the NASD is very clear and apparent. I wonder if anyone on the frequencies has ever seen anything like that recently.

A nagging thought is tugging at me - > This is a Bear Market Rally, IMO. Suppose as like in '29 or '31 we have reached a bottom ; Would this 'Little' Bear Market Rally morph into a BULL [Inflationary ], and if it does, is that where it morphs into the WEIMAR/ZIBAWAE Hyperinflationary Bull Market?

Given the willingness of the Governmental Powers That Be to KNOWINGLY take us from pillar to post and back again, do I doubt that these increasingly Manic / Depressive bouts of volatility were not in the script. NO, I dont doubt that AT ALL.

What to do? LOOK< dont LISTEN - > stay on the correct side of the Intermediate Trend.
And what beyond that ? Be vigilant.


Do they feel lucky ? TALKING HEADS...........

IF I were these guys, I'd be heading for the rocks, high up where the peasants with the pitchforks & cudgels could not get to them.

THIS crew has talked the market right up when EVERYONE knew it had no business going there, supporting the insanity. Now they are rehashing every bit of bad news they are handed and never questioning why the market would discount such things TWICE.

In the rocks they might be safe from the pitchforks, but I am hoping some of the people who see themselves as screwed by them will have sniper capability. I hope, against all reason, that they would cease their corrupted activities, spreading bad news as thick as cold margarine on everyone's bread.

Well PUNKS, do ya feel Lucky Today ?


LOOK dont Listen ! Chart #1 is info enuf.

Click on both charts to enlarge to see what you should know.......IMO. !!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Holidays from the Summit

RSUGF on the OTC, yields 9.7% here to US, 11.44% to Canadians.

DOUBLE HULL TANKERS, yields 25.5% here, has $3.25 per share in cash.

UNIFI is a textile producer.

Like Mexican Food ? They do. Plus maple syrup & baked beans.

This one you look up yourself. Its a niche market, I like the financials.

EGO - > probably not the greatest name but you will remember it. They produce GOLD.


Note you wont find these stocks on the tips of the tongues of any of those nefarious TALKING HEADS ! ! ! NO NO, No, a thousand times NO !!

Let not the words of those TALKING HEADS soil these Super Six Little Stocks.
What they have in common is they are all under $10.00. Three of the first FOUR give you really nice monthly or quarterly presents.

Virtually all of these stocks have refused to play nice with the bear market.
You may or may not want to play with them. They all have their own trends and tempo's for you to discern, so as always DYODD & DYOHW.

Things can change at any time. My accounts and Associated accounts may be in and out of these and many other stocks, and also in derivative positions of these stocks at any time, and have had positions in these stocks in the past.

If this is a good place for you to start your research, I wish you well in your quest[s].

Be vigilant, be kind, light that candle,


LOOK dont Listen ! ! !

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to a position -> hmmm I'd say its a BOTTOM ~ !

No not THE BOTTOM, but a Bottom. Bottom of what? Probably a Bear Market Rally.

Ya know the kind that make you think ITS OVER ? So lets ask ourselves :

WHOM DONT WE LISTEN TO : The Talking Heads ! Oh yes are they not scaring the

stuffing out of you right now. Oh yes whooo hooo, layoffs, plant closures, etc,
etc, etc.

Wow werent the reasons behind the UNKNOWNS for the market collapse in September
& October that the TALKING HEADS were just taken all by surprise about ? So they and whomever gives them their material just had to make up for that by trying and trying to scare the pants off you with OLD NEWS. Seems to me a market dropping by almost half is discounting alot of stuff.

So now your going to be subject to the drum-beat until THEY decide it'd be good to say good things. GUESS WHAT HAPPENS THEN? My bet ? I bet you a cup of snow that then things will go south, after a brief couple days of "Good Feelings". Call those good feelings a "Christmas Gift".

Well Ya know what, in my next post, I will enclose half a dozen presents to all, from me to you, and I hope they will be "News You Can USE".

Lite the candle, be vigilant and kind.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

W Y "SEE" I W Y G, so Look DONT Listen ! !

"LOOK > Dont < LISTEN ! ! !"

So is that a CRASH of all the ADVANCING Issues MINUS the DECLINING ISSUES?

The blue line is a 34 day average of the momentum within that measurement, so it is
averaged, and buffered and insulated from sudden moves, but what does it show ?

Does what it shows match what the TALKING HEADS are SCREAMING ? IMO, NoT !!

Every card game has its "ACE-in-the-HOLE", it has its HOLD cards, and it has its DISCARDS. The trick is knowing where your hand fits. Unlike a card game, you can get NEW CARDS anytime you want, even tho the "DEALER" can reshuffle every hand if it wants to.

What I see is a Bear Market. What I see is a rally counter to the Bear Trend, at least for awhile. I have my ACES, I have my Hold Cards and I always take a few new cards on each go - round. I will be updating my links to reflect this.

The psychological impact of the media is staggering, and slams us constantly with a drumbeat of whatever news is in vogue. I purposely isolate myself from most of this and at times feel quite the idiot when someone informs me of some newsy tidbit I maybe have missed. Better I miss that tidbit and maintain what sanity I have left.

Do as you will, "WYSIWYG".


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bulletin out tomorrow for List Members

In which I will examine the current rally.

In a nutshell, volume and breadth are in step in the development of this rally, IMO.

See ya'll tomorrow.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Welcome to my Night Mare, thank you for sharing

my dementia. [ That line courtesy of Jason Alexander, ala Seinfeld]

Is the sky falling in Canada today, re: crazy coalition cabal? Will the US Congress "get a grip" and reform the Auto Industry ? Notice I DID NOT Say "BAILOUT"?

Yes its a Rip Tide and investors are swimmming hither, thither and yon, trying to find a course to safety. Oh yes those guys, sceaming raucously, bloody blue murder, yeah they are about to hit the rocks in the dingy, they the TALKING HEADS. ! !

The questions are: 1/ WHO is really on FIRST ;, and once you decide that

3/ Last Question: Anyone find a FALLING WEDGE Here ?

4th - this is a "fill in the blanks" chart, feel free to write on your copies !!

To answer the first two questions you must have your head screwed on straight and be as grounded and centered as possible even if swimming. To answer the Third, you might want X-Ray vision.

Knowing FORCE in the background of this chart represents the Emotional Intensity
that is operating in The Market for the WILSHIRE 5000, the 5000 most representative capitalization stocks in the USA market Universe, you could conclude that most of the
participants are operating less and less on emotions as this Stealth Rally ensues.
Further it is instructive to note the lack of a further breakdown in the $WLSH.
Is that what the palaver from the TALKING HEADS would have you believing ? Probably not, they are still stampeding straight off the cliff or about to hit the rocks and die, according to their screams. !!! So now we know a BULL is on first.

The question will be later answered as to the BULL's qualifications, as the rally unfolds. Yes it is a rally. Be mindful that when you stop hitting yourself on the head with a hammer, even the ABSENCE of PAIN feels like PLEASURE. Knowing that be aware that the technicals can at times respond to the lifting of selling pressure.
BUT when selling pressure abates, well you fill in the blanks.............

Now DO YOU FEEL LUCKY TODAY ? You might want to check the links, as I add and remove lists as often as I post, because THINGS CHANGE. I can say that some of the people who own some of issues on certain of these lists FEEL LUCKY. I do this much, now you DYODD & DYODD. There are NO Magic Bullets, so if you do it WRONG, it will HURT ! ! !

Ya'll have fun and fight nice now,


Monday, December 1, 2008


so this was one of the worst days in market history ? WHERE ?

So do you? The Pundits and Guru's are telling you how bad it is. What do the graphic's say? Recession ? Who didnt know that ? No one discounts the same thing twice and you can see from the lack of a break to a lower bottom, that the TALKING HEADS are impressed with it, but the Market is not.

So do you?