Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sooner or later ? Not a question of IF, but rather when ?

Apparently this is the place that the legendary buck stops.  Perhaps from "Fatigue", as it is apparent to me that is where the Triangle begins to resolve.
     We can call this an "UPSIDE BREAKOUT", and we do have an upside target for both the GDX and some Metal Gold Proxies.
     Additionally, the RSI (top) and MACD (bottom) working in combo, suggest there is running room avaiable, as also the Pivot Points hint to potential higher objectives.

   We had a Baker'Dozen +1 of RECCO's which we have trimmed to the very best Half Dozen.   If you would like to see them please sign up for our Regular Subscription, which is backed by  1st month No Questions Refund, or our Special 2 Issue Discounted Sample, both on our side bar.  We will be watching and monitoring.  Good Luck,


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