Wednesday, May 24, 2017

"Can't you smell that smell" ?-Lynyrd Skynyrd


Yes close enuf to hell to smell it, cant you smell it ?

Welcome to HELL, or close to it as you can get without being incinerated.
  WELCOME TO PURGATORY, where all the unresolved issues make your life hellish.Purgatory GDXstyle.png

That is from May 5.  OK, now the latest:

What or why these boundaries are so located or effective remains an open subject, some would say an open secret.  Analysts by the bushel have journalled and enumerated beyond a reasonable doubt in my mind, the corralling of Precious Monetary Metals as a foil to the fiat money so detested.  OK so now we have that Unstoppable Force and Immovable Object issue going on.  Neither side is completely truthful, but both are partially true.
If you look at the beginning of 2016, the forces propelling Gold Stocks were Invincible for half  of the year.  Second half of the year, gave back half the gain and kept the other half after DOUBLING.  So, that was a healthy advance, kept 50% or more of the gain.  Now in 2017, the GDX dropped from 32 to 19 to bounce up to 26, and stuck it’s present triangle has retained 50% of that gain, so far, and is stuck with the top point of the trendline anchored in the Aug 2016 high and the bottom trendline anchored in the bounce off 19 on May of 2017.
Leaving us with the above Triangle, with about ONE Point UP of play, and ONE Point DOWN of play inside here.   The tip of the Triangle extends to Mid July, from which we have seen good and bad rallies, and maybe a decline or two to even it up statistically.

That leaves us trying to figure out WHOM is on FIRST.UpTrendRCM.png
So I have been taken to task over my use of a Gold Proxy, that actually delivers the metal, rather than paper, by people who have become seduced by the CRIMEX into accepting Paper in Place of GOLD.   HOW UPSIDE DOWN.  Fits right in with
“War is Peace”, “Freedom is Slavery” and the rest of the Orwellian script.  Right here, right now in 21st Century Global society.   Pure Goebbels, whodathunkit?

So now what ?    Well, pick out any statistic or index or chart you want.  The conclusion is straightforward.  Gold the unmovable object with 5,000 years of momentum as a monetary medium has been dented several times by the irresistible force of Fiat manipulations by sovereign governments with their power at stake.  The momentum under the Irresistible force is humans trying to retain power.   The momentum under the Gold is is Human Nature.  I’d have to say human nature wins.  Watch the Irresistible Force, lose its punch, not all at once but in its increasing inability to overwhelm the forces of nature under Gold.
   Meanwhile our subscribers will play in the waves of this rolling sea, playing the Up’s and  Down’s with an ever changing cast of ETF’s.  Certainly the GDXJ and JNUG debacle spooked many who would have liked to play but that trade was getting a bit crowded and bound to blow up somehow and it was a Perfect Storm when it broke.   Our group exited the month before, since we senses that it was overdue.  It was good for them.  

I have any number of charts and data to back up the fact that GOLD is the real thing, but I don't need the overkill.  If you have any questions, feel free to pose them to me in email, (I answer all my own email), and I will address them relevant to this article.

I invite you to sign up for The GOLDEN MEAN, calling turns in the Gold Stock ETF markets.  Backed up by our No-Questions-Refund during the first 30 days of your subscription, there is no subscription risk.   Since speculation is what we do, there are no guarantees, but then again, neither is there any honest guarantee in markets.  We do it simple, and that is what we do………...Good Luck.  DG

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