Tuesday, September 2, 2014

EXPECTATIONS, The Source of Much Human Misery - paraphrased from the Dali Lama

      And here, we want it all resolved on our terms, in our time.  And the market will resolve what IT wants on IT's Schedule............
        NO FEAR need there be on our part.   The "CORRECTION" which is really a Consolidation has an upward bias.  Do you feel like your under "House Arrest"?
SUU KYI was under house arrest for 15 years, which makes this child's play.

    WHY SO ?

Well lets see why we THINK we are disappointed, and see that, IMO, it is that things are not proceeding at the pace we wish.  Does it ever ? Sometimes, sometimes not.......so, take heart lads and lassies, those that engage in this skullduggery will pay the price for so doing, on KARMA's timetable, not ours.

   This is why - >

        This the level of Consolidation, and not, IMO, cause for concern.......

                 Get where you feel comfortable, own what you want, know that to break the truth in the PM Complex, that the forces opposing, cannot take it down far enough to break it, without breaking themselves.  Its happening, sit back and watch...........

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