Thursday, August 7, 2014

Even Geo.Washington had to jump in and get his feet wet. He knew what to do, as do you

No you don't have to be a Revolutionary War General to see this breakout.

    What you need to do is to have courage enuf to get your feet wet like Washington had to do, to get on the ground at Trenton and defeat his adversary.

   His boat was not warm and comfortable, but he was safe in the boat, and he took uncertainty by the throat and thrashed it much like Caesar did during his many campaigns when he picked the right times to Pursue or Withdraw.

   As we watched this progessions, we saw it coming.  Whom amongst us is prepared to act?   This, IMO, is the prime time.  If you want prime timing and prime picks, Sign on to PEAK PICKS, join us.

  You see what we do, now ask yourself, is there any reason we cannot do this for you?  Is there any reason not to Front Run the people who Front Run you?
In this moment the choice is yours............

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