Monday, August 18, 2014

Fun's Fun but 43 Days + 43 Nites ? Here are some results to compare:...

This is from one of our both reliable and reproducible methods   Most instances work but some won't which is why we use stops.   Judge for yourself.   The issues these were featured are available.
 Here we were observing EGY getting twitchy and RECO'd it slightly before it jumped

 Laramide spent a fair amount of time, setting up, and giving some heartburn, but true to form, it set up @ C$ 0.40, took its time, and made its move.

Today Laramide shows how this one particular method can shine with patience.

Now to be sure, lets show this can be done with an ETF, such as Copper Miners,
 Lets start with this Copper Miners Global ETF, COPX, and see it spring up as of Mid-December, as we tracked it.
    Now tracking it with a slightly different scale chart, we see the results.

Bottom Line, a number of stocks leave tracks we follow.  We like them, you will as well, to profit.  Any reason to wait for these kinds of results??

Truthfully, the story below I found illustrative, but the results above may also speak to you, and if so, well then Subscribe Now !!  Click here and see what its like to have NO BOX to have to think out side of !!  Subscribe to Peak Picks  

 And now onto the story -

The Faith of Noah
The Patience of JOB


  Does not get the best of us

AND like SQUIRREL, we do not let our EXPECTATIONS cause us Misery, even if we want the Acorn ALOT.
And since every last bit of MSM proganda and sentiment, even from gold bugs is without one bullish shred of hope, I don`t need to say much, but I leave  you with this part of the message from a very brave lady who is one of my inspirations:  Aung Kyi from Burma -

AND last to keep YOU sane, to take care of yourself, you MUST have both

  Patience AND a good attitude, makes winning so much more fun.......

    So what is the real ending here, what is the take-away from this little
`` Show & Tell  ``  thing ...........

Sometimes stuff is just so self evident and right it becomes wallpaper, and forgotten about.  The Straits of Hell were created as a Gap that Could NOT be closed, as a result of the Hammers of Hell being taken to the KRIMEX and cleaning out all the bids in the place down to the hardwood floors.  No one has been able to close that gap since April 2013.   There is an Abandoned Baby formation almost 16 months long, a Deep Inverted Head & Shoulders and a Triple Bottom in place, not to mention a bunch of other formations still In-Good-Standing, still valid and not breached.  I will not be looking into the Barrel of that one when it goes off.

   Can I add this chart.....
  We know where this can go, structurally, and seemingly does not want to stay down.

How about a chart of the most sensitive stocks out there, The Venture Exchange:

    So I keep reading about how dreadful things are in the Precious Metals Space by all the supposed Guru`s and Talking Heads and none of it matches what I see.

   Here is a longer term look - Does it look Awful to you.......maybe upside down but from here it looks to be eating its upside resistance for breakfast, lunch and dinner............

   So my picture story SHOW & TELL has  6 Graphic Images to make the point.

So far I have offered merely 4 graphs to make my point.  And I am on Page 1 of the charts in my PEAK PICKS LIST.  It has 9 pages of 10 Charts each, not all perfectly bullish but  supporting this changing PM Market.  There are 10 Chart Tables in this category, by far the biggest in my album but again, supporting this change in the PM Space.

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  Ask yourself - is there any other reason not to Front Run this market.......

If this is not enuf, drop me a note, there is a lot more where that came from but I am trying not to bore you...............

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