Thursday, April 24, 2014

CRIMEX Ambush Misfires, Cartel wets pants !!

Apparently due to the defections, "Suicides" and personnel replacements at JPM, imo, the handmaiden of the ESF, there seems to be an inability to manage an ambush from a year ago when the operator used a 12 lb sledge hammer to create the Straits of Hell, rather than a 12 oz tack hammer ( guess he heard wrong), to now when the CRIMEX Ambush fizzled as they tried to push a severely oversold market down only to have it rebound $20 in a matter of minutes.

  Does this reflect inability or desperation on the part of the Cartel, or both?

Wish I knew but I have observed a few writers, and "advisors" talking like they were getting feeds and leaks from the Cartel side, so I do wonder, but I will cover that at length in a future post.   What you need to remember now, is since I have issued a Buy Alert as of the close last night, is to start getting what you want to run this race with and observe some stops at low points that will leave anyone who runs your stops with arterial bleeding they will be cut so deep to get to your stops.   This chart should point out the dates and levels you may wish to watch.

Recommendations for issues that have great Accum, P&F formations, Chart Patterns, and Holding above Support will be out in this weeks Peak Picks.
Subscribe and get on board.   Maybe the CRIMEX will try another ambush and give us some more to buy !!

  Every Gap could be a STOP point, pick whether you want to go deep or not.

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