Monday, February 25, 2013

SandStorm Gold Ltd Special Report

   My now, isn't that a picture.  Today, by request, I did a special report

on SandStorm Gold Ltd.  and it is now available at the 


for $9.95 to your email address by PDF.  This report includes my buy and sell points and strategies for upside as well as downside, and includes up and downside targets for the short and long term.  This is a limited time offer and will be unavailable upon the Breakout Date outlined in the report

The reports will be issued in the order payments are rec'd.  Please include the Email account you wish it sent to, and you may E-mail me @ "" if you have an issues.  One E-mail consultation is included in this price.

The report will also be available until then on the sidebar, as this post is replaced by others.  It is about a speculative stock and no guarantees or warranties are made.  I have taken steps to assure reasonable accuracy, but make no other warranties.

     ANY purchase of the SANDSTORM SPECIAL REPORT is creditable against any Subscription to PEAK PICKS, within 30 days of the Special Report purchase if req'd by EMAIL previous to Subscribing, a special link is available.


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