Wednesday, December 12, 2012


well it might have been a political movement in the late 1800's but, in fact as CHEAP as Silver is relative to gold it might as well be FREE.!

FREE, however is what our SILVER JEWELRY RINGS are for NEW subscribers to a Special 3 mo Discounted PEAK PICKS subscription.  Sign up on our sidebar, and email  me your preferences.  As soon as payments clears we will begin creating your Unique Heirloom Ring, of Art and History in Silver.

 Now lets see why Silver is really so cheap: -> you can see above that the relationship btwn REAL SILVER and REAL GOLD has undergone a change, with Silver now re-valuing itself day by day.

   Now whether you follow JB Slear's chart of Cup & Handle or Ratio charts such as above, the one fact that stands out, IS that since the Banks, Central Banks and over Govt Interveners DO NOT hold any Silver, they are powerless to change the direction of this TREND.

  Take this moment as the first of the 12 Days of Christmas gifts from DenaliguideSummit, and get your FREE SILVER JEWELERY with your 3 mo. discount subscription to PEAK PICKS.   This offer Ends when Santa starts his rounds at MidNight Dec 24.


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