Friday, March 30, 2012


the guys down manning the pumps are getting tired, as the FED has pumped the DOW up to 13K+  and everytime it gets close, POOF, it drops. HMM wonder why.   So you ask will it be an '87 POOF type FLASH Crash, or will it be a "death by a thousand cuts" over the Summer ( "Sell in May and go away") ?
Someone's blog posits the DOW could drop 1,000 pts on announcement of WAR with IRAN.  Is that NEWS?  NAW !  We already have experienced an 800 pt FLASH Crash, so its not NEW.  Painful, not NEW.

     This was one of our features on Denaliguide's FRONT PAGE, you can get FREE when  you sign up in the BLUE BOX on the Right Hand Sidebar.  Its Free, its timely and incisive.  IMO this wedge says to us that this advance pumping or not, is toast by End of April.  Good Luck

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