Sunday, January 29, 2012


 right now, in reply to my BUY signal of Dec 16, this is a reply,  I like a SELL here on all non-PM stocks, straight out or simply a stop tightened to NO Looser than 3%, and an alert on MONETARY METAL MINER STOCKS, because a great number of my measures, are poised on the edge of  cliff and the pre-market measures  are going south in a bad way, and Asia is opening down in a significant manner.  Take care to avoid all hazards including those with agenda's, and PROTECT ALL YOU CAPITAL.
The Strong Sell Designation is for all NON-PM Stock.   AS to PM stocks, a tightly set stop will do.......!!!!

IF a strong downdraft DOES NOT materialize, no one is out of position.  Good Luck.


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Human Potential Movement said...

in hindsight your warning concerning Mining stocks turned out to be prescient to within 2 months