Monday, January 4, 2010

A happy and prosperous 2010 to you all

Of course we will start out with massive doses of fear and loathing. The bottom chart above shows the WEEKLY progress over 30 months. The top chart shows the current position of the same average over the a DAILY period take a YEAR AGO.

         So basically the LONG TERM picture now looks like the SHORT TERM picture did a year ago.
 What that implies to me is that the market, to make a verb from a noun, is FRACTALLING long term what the short term showed us a year ago, repeating a pattern.

         FEAR & LOATHING comes in to play here because some hate the thought of the stock market going up without punishing the "Evil-Doers"[ a term used when no other prejudice can be found ] who brought us inflation, fiat money, modernity, and yes, Lady GaGa [sic].  No I dont follow the chick, but I am stuck with modernity, fiat money and inflation.  I bet you are too ! ! !   So we all have something to be mad at.

  Now that we have thrown our  hissey-fit, lets get down to making money.   Buy Low, Sell HIGH, is what we do at PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS.  Please stop over on the side-bar and get a HALF-PRICE
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Now back from the "shameless self promotion" and onto more common - sense approach.

  Ever been where it "COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER" ?  Invariably even if it took awhile, the crazy good times went away and it indeed, only got worse.  You dont have to think too far, do you?  I didnt.

 Again, , remember  how discouraging it felt when "THINGS COULD NOT BE WORSE"?    
     Now again, after a time, maybe things got a little worse, but usually they got better, because THINGS COULD NOT HAVE BEEN WORSE, at that point.

   Now twirl that around in your mind and ask  yourself how that fits with BUY LOW, SELL HIGH..
Generally speaking, you have to buy when things look bad and sell when they look good.
    Its called TIMING or SAVVY, or whatever term you like.  No it is not BUY  & HOLD, the favored strategy of those who always get neutered by market moves.  It is BE SMART !
    Yes all those evil-doers are going to get punished, at least we hope they will.  But what I plan for more, since hope is neither a tactic or a strategy, is that we clip profits buying low, selling high, buying some currency insurance in the form of monetary metals and create a nice investment income for ourselves.

   Educate yourself.  Go to, read and BUY LOW SELL HIGH, take the fiat money and take care with it.

   You also don't have to do this alone.  Try a subscription today on a Half Price Trial and see if it is worth
a "doughnut a day" [ what else can you get for less than 70 cents?][ I wracked my brain, but thats what I came up with, a doughnut! ].  Its your money, take care of it and it will take care of you.

Meanwhile, things will get better,  hope you are there to reap the profits.   Better to be at the pier when your ship comes in, than hiding under the bedcovers awaiting destruction.
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