Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgiving. Thanksgiving. ThanksGiving. THANKSGIVING. THANKSGIVING ! ! !

I dont know which is your flavor. The first one is how I feel on a daily basis to live in a place where the rule of law is paramount. Thankful is what I feel daily for the people who surround and care for me. THANKS is what I extend to all who show their
humanity, whether sharing openly their thoughts and needs or lending a hand or hug whe it is needed.

I wish all of those headings for you to feel in your way, in their sequence as you go through your life, minute by minute, by the hour, the day, the week, well you know.

Thank you each and everyone one of the readers for allowing me to share with you all that I have put on these pages. THANK YOU. Its important for me to do as much as I can do, and I appreciate your attention. Nutty as this world might be I will try to keep posting.


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