Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bonds look toppy, and CPT Namo did not cover

CPT Namo did not cover the amount of ground he usually does in a rebound. Optimism is everywhere........Not that I am a total skeptic, but as they say, "SHOW ME, DONT TELL ME ! ".

So its not my delusion that a number of popular indices look poised for a rebound, perhaps, however, rebound that it might be I'D BE HOLDING MY STOPS TIGHTLY, and PAYING ATTENTION. The SILLY SEASON for Earnings is HERE, and is double edged, considering that liquidity is driving this market and can turn tail and flee in an instant at the slightest sign of trouble.

I feel not unlike at a party on verge of my 4th drink, my field awareness dimmed, and it seems like everything is going GREAT and it is tomorrow morning and that is where my last recollection ended, just before my 4th drink ! ! ! WE HAVE PROFITS !
We will get to spend them, if we are aware enuf to keep them..........

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