Saturday, August 15, 2009

Who ya gonna believe ? THE FAT LADY

Well there it is folx. Mr. Nasty speaks volumes. Note that we enjoyed a 16 market day up-move previous to Mr. Nasty's beginning yo-yo moves. Again, note that the last down move was 8 market days.

So why worry who to believe? Steve Swenlin of Decision Point says its a BULL Market.
Dan Sullivan who was a bull is now a bear. Jimmy Rogers is a bear, George Soros is a bull. This is why guru's kill, and how they kill with words. If you can make any sense of this Tsunami of Text, well hats off to ya !! I could never arrive at a conclusive opinion reading this stuff. For instance, Jim Willie, thinks the Chinese have the US by the throat financially, while George Soro's thinks the Chinese are a positive force in markets. Very hard to make sense of all the fundamental and text based information.


For a week, its been a broadening top. [ A ]; Of a Bear Market Rally? [ B ]; Of a Bull Market Rally ? [ C ]; Of an Intermediate Up Move ? THE FAT LADY DOESNT CARE!

What can you do ?

YOU fight the DEFLATION in Your Assets with winners like Sandridge Energy, up 49.6% in a calendar month!! And GMK, no one's ever heard of, simply the largest grain and tortilla merchant of Mexico, up 54% in 3 weeks. Both Gold Medalists in July, as unknowns reversing trends in a lo-risk entry support zone.
Two of the Gold Medal Picks, they are part of the 92% win ratio for PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS.

I will go my way watching the indicators, volume, price, breadth, attempt to find what position the market's in, what trend's developing there, and finding vehicles to use for profit.

On the TOP chart, the purple line is the Cumulative NYSE advances - declines. ALL THE OTHER LINES are volume and they blipped and confirmed a short term buy, but they are now declining, so I say hold your winners, be aware of your stops and buy limits.

Given the 20+ technical indicators PEAK PERFORMANCE uses either singly or in combination, PEAK PERFORMANCE will continue to provide GOLD MEDAL Class winners like SD and GMK just to name two. Check it out, there is no need for any other.

Gold, monetary and precious metals stocks and prices will be covered in another post.



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