Thursday, July 16, 2009

Waaaay too much fun,dont you agree ?

lets see, who's news? BEE ? Never heard of them ! OK, EEEE ? LVS? you heard of them ! PQ, had a huge dilutive stock offering at this level and refused to go down?
MDW ? Marginal gold producer. FRG ? Up and down the scale once already, and in a trend now. NOG ? Nice trend.

Funny these guys didnt even make THE LIST. Why? either they are already deeply in their trends, or they are not close enuf to making the turn to give the greatest profit potential with the lowest loss potential.

Basically buying a stock when its price is rising, missing the beginning of the trend, reduces your potential and leverage in about the same measure as holding a security while its price declines.

Some of these outfits are in Financial Near Death Experiences, proxy fights or management changes. Look at CYD, in the process of eliminating a preferential "GOLDEN SHARE", and is showing the activity attributed to the anticipation of its elimination.

Over time, what I am noticing is that as I scan and sift, the feel of the selections changes as the rally prices alot of companies out of Reversal Mode. Typically this continues as the rally moves to a top. Typically bottoms are target-rich environments, whereas tops reduce the available supply of PICKS.

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