Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pedal Faster ! ! ! Older Whiskey, Faster Horses, etc

Pretty much the VLE Wedge resembles the GOLD wedge which presaged GOLD dropping to $USD 680 last fall.

Wedges are, IMO, reliable in that respect, and they dont really get the respect they need. So yes I am concerned about the screwy markets here. VLE is unweighted and pretty broad, so I would expect the LACK of synchronization among Breadth, Volume and Price will resolve to the downside.

Continuing to LIQUIFY the economy with Money & Credit Injections will buoy markets for awhile but have some undesirable effects that will eventually cause the very markets they liquify to breakdown. That is the reason I think we see the divergence btwn Volume, Breadth and Price.

Updated the STP LIMIT prices on CPX, SD, CYD, QTM, PZE, EGY, GCI, SSP, GMK, FRG, on
PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS. We shall see what gets HIT ! ! !

Some of the issues covered thru the screening process have been ZQK, RRI, LVS, NOG, PQ, HRZ, CNO, SGI, BEE, MDW, GGR, CT, CFP.To, FEL.To, WEE.V, TSM, UMC, SLV, TGA, MFN, AZC, CKR, CZZ, DNN, EGO, SWC, KOG. Some of these have yet potential.

For the price of a Big Mac, you can Test Drive PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS and see for yourself, and your peace of mind and your portfolio is worth it.

Instead of reading FORTY PAGES of text, you get Plain Talk, no weasel words, and ACTIONABLE PICKS, and a margin of safety. Take a bite out the market for yourself !

Whatever your doing, have a great day ! !

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