Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Buy the Rumor, sell the News !

Heavens to betsey, save us from more bailouts and interventions, stress tests, etc.

Notice the mullet in a feeding frenzy, being tossed chum by the specialists,insiders, and Market Makers ?

FWIW, I am sailing with my hatches battened down,and running with reduced sail.

I have my heavy metals deep inside my cargo holds, close to the keel as I can get it.

Whats in your cargo hold.? Whats in your wallet.? What kind of grip does your debt have on you? Will you be shot with a paper-patched clay bullet, the kind the CIA used to use back in the day? Will you dangle from a noose woven of plastic blivet-bag of the grocery store, made of plastic cards of Un-Dead-Credit-Zombies ?

I am rigged for deep and silent running. This does not mean I dont like the Silver, Nat Gas, and Uranium items I have selected but rather I will be reviewing
over 200 of the previous candidates to see if they have Re-Acquisition potential, somewhere on the downside of the next cycle. My basic theory here is that is is easier to get out on the Up-Stroke, then crowd the exits and fight for a sale with the bids dropping away as the Down-Move manifests.

I hope this is a heads up for you. If I had stops, I'd crank them up a bit tighter, even give them a 'wedgie' if you are happy with your profits. I think I'd clearly drop away any bids I had now to Sub-Stink Levels, not knowing what will transpire, and factually, if real drops occur, there will be plenty to buy as long as you have cash.

Good Luck, DYODD,


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