Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yes the Mountain is a sight to behold

which is reason my anger abides.

Today the market rallies upon receipt of the news that FASB 157 is now going to be amended to allow organizations holding toxic derivative financial instruments," to mark to myth", or to a model of who knows what construction, so that they dont have to ACTUALLY reveal their insolvent nature. The market did not rally due to a dynamic change in supply and demand for products, if it rallied due to the FASB 157 change, it rallied because a further fraud could be put over on those who will eventually pay for it all [ US TAXPAYERS], not only with their funds but also with their freedoms.

My dispassionate anger targets the largest pools of wealth, with whom, after WWII, there was a
"SOCIAL CONTRACT" whereas wealth circulated freely, and lifted many from poverty. Determined to reclaim [IMO] all the concessions granted and gains made by the middle class and below, they have succeeded in hi-jacking and de-railing a good economic system so they could climb to the top again, and gain obscene wealth by impoverishing billions, and causing untold death and misery to hundreds of millions.

Neutralized by fear, greed, pride, envy, avarice, fatigue, ignornace and any number of issues so handily grasped by these and their Neo-Con minions, much of the checks and balances in our Constitution are now ineffective. Thats part of my distress, in this beautiful land which we are so priveleged to occupy.

Weekly I associate with a very talented music professional who wrote both words and music for a number called " Are You Ready ?', whose words I present here with a few modifications of my own [ by permission of course]. This song always moves me when I think of the damage caused by JPM & GS, IMO, to the world.

>>> Are you ready to stand for what is right??<<<
>>Are you ready to see your neighbors plight?<<<<<<
>We are given the gift of knowing what is right.<<<<
>>>>Are you ready to stand and take your place ?"<<<
>>>Many in our world cannot live the way we do.<<<
>>>Many in our world live in fear.<<<<<<<
>>>They may be hungry, cold or homeless or have no family.<<<<
>>>> Will you stand and be their voice?<<<<<<<<
>>>>> Are you ready to stand for what is right??<<<<

Yeah surpised ya heh? WHEN YOUR READY TO STAND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT, you'll know what to do..........until then, those who do nothing will simply be fodder for the machine.

Till then, stay vigilant, keep some dry powder and know when to lift your shorts.


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