Monday, April 13, 2009

TANZANIA -> Douglas Lake -> on my mind

Now I told Toby [ Tobinator ], after reading his research report on DLKM, that I'd write a short piece for him on about their placer mining in Africa, as to the things I knew about them and the content of his report that rang true in similarities to placer mining in Alaska.

From as little as I can tell from his report, IMO, the similarities of occurrance and nature, make their operation understandable. Black sand [ magnitite ] is common in areas of gold bear placers in Alaska, and considered "part of the landscape", as it is found with placer gold. The potential for another "GOLDEN BEACHES OF NOME" deposit exists, and IMO, DLKM may have found something like that.

What I read in Toby's report leads me to think that, the Douglas Lake deposits are as basic as placers as occur,and nothing seems false to me about.

Even the Internet rumors trying to HURT them seem to fit. DDYOD, DDYOHW, but I think he is on to something. More later,

Good Luck All,


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