Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lets talk CALENDAR and CLOCK

Many have noted that the CALENDAR and CLOCK seem to mark turning points and moves.

I have said privately that I thought the re-imposition of the up-tick rule would bring a greater semblance of normality to markets. OK thats a done deal.

No one likes INCOME TAX TIME. I tend to mark markets by that also. THEREFORE : KEEP YOUR STOPS IN PLACE.

We have had about a 25% upward RANGE SHIFT, so it may mean this will be a flat correction. "MAY MEAN", nothing else. Find your "SCALE-IN" Points, set your STOP LOSS orders and maybe your STOP LIMIT BUYS, and go fishing, go for a walk, and watch the water. Maybe Trailing SELL Limit orders, if your comfortable with them.

Let the Taxman and MZ Market help you out here.


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